A 3-Day tour, exploring 3 cities including Baghdad Cultural Sites, the Ruins of Babylon and Karbala Holy Shrines

Language Arabic, English
Cost 350 USD for tour/excursion
Capacity Group of up to 4 people
Duration 2 days

A 3-Day tour, exploring 3 cities including Baghdad Cultural Sites, the Ruins of Babylon and Karbala Holy Shrines

Day 1: Baghdad

• Exploration commences at the Iraqi Museum, immersing ourselves in ancient Mesopotamian antiquities.

• Captivating walking tour through the old quarters of Baghdad, visiting al-Mutanabbi Book Market street—an intellectual haven.

• Mustansiriyah Madrasah, one of the earliest universities in the world.

• Stop at the century-old Shabandar Cafe for a glass of lime tea, a speciality in Baghdad.

• Path leads to the Abbasid Palace on the Tigris river bank with its beautiful ornamental designs and carvings.

• Century-old juice shop serving refreshing raisin juice, visited by Iraqi kings and presidents.

• Walk in Khan Al Mudallal Antique Market shops.

• Boat tour on the Tigris river.

• Lunch at an old Baghdadi restaurant offering Kuba.

• Walks through bustling bazaars of Copper Market, Stationery Market, and Clothing Market.

• Visit to Firdos Square where Saddam’s statue was pulled down.

• End the tour at the iconic Freedom Monument.

Day 2: Babylon - Karbala

• Head to Babylon, exploring the original lower part of the Ishtar Gate and The Lion of Babylon, a 2600-year-old black basalt statue of a lion trampling a man.

• Stroll through the reconstructed palace of Babylonian king Nebuchadnezzar II, seeing ancient bricks with cuneiform inscriptions.

• Walk to Saddam’s abandoned palace, exploring its grandeur and encountering the last standing portrait statue of Saddam.

• Travel to Karbala for a walking night tour, marveling at the magnificent shrines of Imam Hussein and Abbas.

• Immerse in the vibrant nearby bazaar. The night concludes with a stay in Karbala.

Day 3: Karbala - Baghdad

• On this day, we will visit The Fortress of Al-Ukhaidir. It is a large, rectangular fortress erected in 775 AD with a unique defensive style. Constructed by the Abbasid caliph's As-Saffah's nephew Isa ibn Musa, Ukhaidir represents architectural innovation in the structures of its courtyards, residences and mosque.

• After our tour in the fortress, we will head back to Baghdad. Dedicating our time to al-Karada district in Baghdad to visit its vibrant market street, the Arabian Nights statues as well as cultural cafes.


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