Brief Overview of Private Guide Prices in Countries of Central America and Northern Africa

Brief Overview of Private Guide Prices in Countries of Central America and Northern Africa

Central America: Cuba

Guides in Cuba do not offer a great number of excursions to their guests. However, you can find sightseeing tours over the City of Havana for $400 USD and take an "Adventurous" tour to the resort city of Cienfuegos, where you can get the most out of Cuban exotics, for $1,500 USD!

Costa Rica, Guatemala, Nicaragua

Guatemala offers its guests a rich variety and diversity of tours. You can take a walking trip through the capital for $25 USD, take an excursion to the ancient cities of Maya for $450 USD, go on sightseeing tours over the ancient remarkable attractions of the city for $65 USD, or shopping tours to the local markets for $60-$65). You can also discover the way of life of native Guatemalans by taking an interesting tour to the villages, surrounding the city of Antigua Guatemala, for $75-$95). Delightful waterfalls that flow under the natural bridge made of limestone await you to discover their picturesque beauty in Semok Champey for $200 USD.

Guides in Costa Rica propose a one-day tour throughout the country for the price of $150 USD. During this trip, you shall visit the park called “Catarata de La Paz” (La Paz Waterfall) and the “Poas” – a real active stratovolcano.

When you visit Nicaragua, guides will invite you to the island of Ometepe, a fantastic combination of perfect sea and horrific active volcano. This 8-hour journey will cost $165 USD.

Jamaica and Barbados

Barbados is a small island, but its guides offer well-organized and quite interesting touristic programs. You can go to the local hippodrome, a 6-hour tour for $41 USD, to make bets and to cheer for the horse you chose. Guides will invite you to take a walking tour over the City of Bridgetown to observe old drawbridges and the Independence Square. Professional guides will tell you a lot of historical information about the city for $25 USD. If you love nature, you can take a trekking tour through the Turners Hall Woods Reserve – the oldest tropical forest on the island – for $40, or take a complex trip to the beaches, attractions of cities in Barbados and its fascinating restaurants for $50. Boat tours are not expensive as well, and you can travel along the shores of the island for only $40 USD.

Jamaica is a beautiful diamond surrounded with the beaches of white sand and azure sea. Taking a tour over the island, you will enjoy its natural beauties, discover the way of life of the natives, and take a rest on the fascinating beaches and prices are fairly low at $40 USD for a 2-hour tour.

North Africa: Morocco, Algeria

Guides in Morocco offer their guests a wide diversity of tours and excursions. You can make a trekking tour around the villages of the Amizmiz Valley at the foot of the High Atlas mountain ridge (2 people max for a 6-hour tour at $150 USD), a one-day trip to the “Ouzoud Waterfalls” - picturesque 100 meters high Falls for $170 USD, or a walking tour through the Ourika-valley – incredibly beautiful place in the heart of the Atlas ridge for $145 USD. Guides will invite you to one-day trips to the old fortresses of Ait-Ben-Haddou and Essaouira for $170, or to an exciting trekking tour along the ancient “Berbers Path” through the Atlas Ridge for $145. Sightseeing tours around the cities of Marrakech, Casablanca, Rabat, and El Jadida will cost $75-$132 USD.

There are complex tours throughout the Algeria that will last up to 8 days and will cost between $900-$950 USD. During these tours, you will be guided through the charming oases in the desert, the beautiful rocks of incredible forms, caves and endless dunes! You will learn a lot about unique traditions and way of life of local tribes and get to view ancient rock paintings.


Malta is a beautiful island located in the Mediaterrean Sea near the northern coast of Africa. It is known for its oldest surviving chivalric order, Sovereign Military Order of Malta, fascinating old fortresses, and for its heroic struggle against fascism during the World War II.

Guides in Malta will offer you to take a walking tour devoted to the Theatres of Valletta. During this 70-minute excursion you will learn a lot of new and interesting information about the history of the emerging development of the Theatres of Malta during the last 500 years. The price is quite reasonable at $144 USD. Sightseeing tours over the capital of Malta, the beautiful city of Valletta, will let you observe the palaces and churches of the island for $144 USD. Another curious excursion, “Mills Road” (La Via dei Mulini), will let the traveler get familiar with the life of the island and its traditions and history for the price of only $10 USD per person!


There are so many secrets that the thousand-year history of Egypt keep away from foreigners, but it makes the country even more attractive for the tourists. Guides in Egypt will invite you to take tours to the Pyramids and the Sphinx of Giza, take a boat trip along the Nile River and to the Egyptian Museum of Cairo. You can go on the excursion to Coptic and Muslim Cairo, take a tour around the City of Alexandria and ride a camel through the desert! All above mentioned tours are not expensive and will cost about $45-$70 USD. There are more serious trips, like a one-day tour to the City of Luxor, located in the upstream of the Nile for $80 USD, and an excursion to the archaeological sites and monuments near the Luxor for $80 USD. Tours through the museums of Luxor and to the temple of Karnak in Luxor are also not expensive at $40 USD. If the historical tours are your favorite, you can continue and take a 2-day tour around the Temples of Edfu (the second largest temple after Karnak that is about 100 kilometers from Luxor), the Temple of Kom Ombo, the Ramses temple in Abu Simbel and the town of Aswan for $450 USD. In the City of Luxor, you will have a chance to fly in the balloon; this adventure will surely become unforgettable, and costs only $45 USD per person!


Republic of Tunisia is full of different attractions and each city of the country has its own rich ancient history. Tours around the Sidi Bou Said, a beautiful city in the northern part of Tunisia, will cost only $50 USD, as well as walking tours through the City of Tunisia and excursions to the National Museum of Bardo located in the capital. Guides of Tunisia will also invite you to take complex tours around the ancient ruins of Carthage and the cities of Sidi Bou Said, Tunisia and the Bardo Museum for an all-in-one tour price of $250 USD.

If you prefer to spend your vacation on the perfect beaches under the Mediterranean sun, then the tour to the island of Djerba is just for you! Djerba is the largest island near the coastline of Africa in the Mediterranean Sea. Its magnificent beaches of the white sand, drowning in the wonderful azure sea, are unforgettable. Trip to this island of dreams will cost you $150 USD.


Senegal is well known throughout the world for its races called Paris-Dakar. But the races are not the only attraction of the country. Guides invite travelers to visit “Retba” (Pink Lake), an unusual and very beautiful natural phenomenon – a shallow lake pink in color. The excursion to the Pink Lake will take five hours and will cost about $140 USD. Another remarkable place is the island of Gore. It is a very popular destination for beach lovers and divers. Tour to the island of Gore will cost only $80 USD. Guides will also offer sightseeing tours and walking tours around the capital for just $70 USD.

Côte d'Ivoire, Nigeria, Ghana

The Basilica of Notre-Dame de la Paix, also called the “Basilica of Our Lady of Peace”, is the national pride of the people of Ivory Coast. It is a beautiful church constructed in the capital of Côte d'Ivoire. Today, the Guinness World Records lists it as the largest “church” in the world! Guides of Côte d'Ivoire will gladly organize sightseeing tours to this attraction for $50 USD.

Guides in Nigeria will offer you a festival tour. During this event, you will face the culture and traditions of the country, take part in traditional dances of the tribes, be given a name at the special ceremony, and learn a lot about the life of the tribes of Nigeria. This tour lasts four hours and costs $450 USD. You can also take a historical tour through the country and receive interesting and valuable information for a price of $1,200-$1,400 USD.

There are exceptional tours for ornithologists offered by guides of Ghana. If you love birds, you cannot afford to miss a trip to this country with the incredible opportunity to meet over 800 species of 1,300 African birds all in one place. A bird watching tour lasts eight hours and will cost $190 USD.



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