Lisbon: the jewel of Europe

Sightseeing Lisbon

The beauty of Lisbon, the capital of Portugal, is not concentrated on any one, it is a whole, perfect climate, life of nocturneurastonomy, historical monuments and practical trams to get to every corner, making it an ideal place to relax.

Insurance, as soon as you arrive in this city, feel that on this day you will not be seen to see everything. In this article, you focus on what sites you know, although it is always advisable to contact local tourist guides to help you learn more about the type of tourism that you want to do.

The castle of San Jorge

The castle of San Jorge is the emblem of a place located on the highest hill of Lisbon, presumably responsible for the protection of its inhabitants, has 11 towers, weapons, dungeons and gardens where ducks and peacocks live, within this framework a multimedia show, in which the history of the city is told.

Tourist routes in Lisbon

For several years you can reach the fortress by public and free climbing from Baixa, and as soon as you walk, you can ride around the neighborhood of Santa Cruz do Castelo and stroll through its beautiful streets full of flowers.

If you want to have another unforgettable view of Lisbon, you must jump on the elevator of Santa Justa, a kind of building that arose because of the need to join two blocks. Having 45 meters, he manages to transport up to 20 people.
Since these tourist historical values ​​go along Avenida da Liberdade, they are very spacious, with beautiful buildings located along the kilometer, as well as all kinds of restaurants, cafes, pubs, attractions, shops and squares.
As in every place you visit, you need to go to the cathedral, Santa Maria Mayor or better known as "Ce-Lisboa", inside it preserves vestments, relics and artifacts from different periods, and also the Romanesque style in its structure is cross-shaped.
If the sights are the Monastery of Jeronimos and the Tower of Belém, they are a part. The first is the heritage of the humanity of UNESCO and was built in 1501, his church, where the body of the Researcher - Vasco da Gama, is different from everything that was seen before, and the size of your ability will leave you impressed.

Nearby is Torre de Belém, four floors and a terrace 35 meters high.

You leave your breath, as soon as you go to 16 windows with protective cannons, in the pits where prisoners were thrown, the rooms of the governor, kings, hearings and Chapel, were not in vain declared one of the seven wonders of Portugal.
The monument to the discoveries, blinded by its great height, is undoubtedly an excellent sculpture that you can climb in an elevator for panoramic viewing of most of Lisbon, and of course you should take a picture with the masterwork of the Foundation.

The monument to the discoveries

If there is a couple in this city that you must pass: the first shopping area, surrounded by beautiful buildings, and Arco da Rua Augusta and the equestrian statue of Jose I as the main attractions.
Similarly, Rossio Square is characterized by a very lively number of night spots that has to it. There you can see the National Theater of Dona Maria II; beautiful facade of Rossio train station and a drink in the Nicola Cafe.

Museums and oceanarium of Lisbon

And if the museums are national, two cars will show you an enviable collection of cars from the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries, the most important of which are the three voyages belonging to Pope Clement XI, this is one of Lisbon's most visited cultural sites. For its part, the National Museum of Archeology preserves the most important example nationwide, has stones, coins, vases, gold objects from all over the world.

The oceanarium is a place taken from another planet, its modern construction and what you see inside has no comparison. The second largest aquarium - across Europe and floating 450 species of animals.

If you travel with children on this site, they will never forget it, it has two floors, a central aquarium where sharks, rays and hundreds of tropical fish swim and excursions can have a complete picture of everything that is shown.

Unusual sights of Lisbon

There are two bridges that you have to cross when you are in Lisbon, this is: Vasco da range, the longest in Europe with 17.2 kilometers and the bridge on April 25, which is compared to the Golden Gate of San Francisco.

A tour of the famous river Tagus is inexpressible, it gives you the opportunity to see the city from a different angle, lasts about two hours, and you can choose the routes you travel on, preferably by day, so that you can enjoy the beautiful sunset.

Finally, you can not go without a flight on tram 28, which is the longest route, and this is another way to carry yourself, but very common among the inhabitants of Lisbon due to steep ups and downs. You can visit the main streets, and you have the opportunity to buy a ticket that will last the whole day.



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