Medical Tourism Advantages Comparison: Thailand and India

Medical Tourism Advantages Comparison: Thailand and India

For people who require medical and health care attention, the very last thing that come into their minds is to go to our country, however there’s a continuously growing number of people setting out to travel in order to satisfy their healthcare needs and requirements. The mounting expenses for healthcare services in United States as well as in western countries have led the people to look elsewhere, while facilities in the other countries haven’t just caught up to standards of US and the westerners, but also in a various way already exceeded them.

These medical tourists in both India and Thailand were surprised to know that they’re able to find state of the art equipment and facilities that would suit their medical needs in this fierce competition of this fast-growing market. When talking about the best tourism destinations for health industry, Thailand and India belongs to the best picks due to the fact that they both provide high-quality services and great features. If you wish to learn more about their services, here’s a simple comparison of the two.

Medical Tourism in Thailand

Thailand has wide ranging heatlthcare procedures for people who wish to be treated at reasonable prices. Thailand is considered as one of the most sought after place for their economical and qualitative healthcare services to their clients.

The hospitals in Thailand are also offering treatment procedures for general healthcare needs, cosmetic and dental needs. As a matter of fact, you’ll surely be happy to receive many different healthcare services with them. Patients are given with private transportation to their hotel and to and from the hospital, interpretation assistance, regularly check on the recuperating patients and arrangement for the airport medical assistance upon the departure when needed.

Thailand provides treatments such as blepharoplasty, abdominoplasty, breast enlargement, brachioplasty, breast lift and reduction, face-lift, dermabrasion, neck-lift, forehead lift, sex reassignment, rhinoplasty, liposuction, knee or hip replacements. So, don’t waste more time and grab medical procedure through medical tourism in Thailand.

Medical tourism in Thailand also offers communication assistance like 24-hour contact number or cellphone, assist in local excursion and tours, as well as information on the local shopping, dining and information on the local customs and culture of destinations. Therefore, all you have to do is to pack your bags ready for a unique recovering experience in Thailand. The healthcare in Thailand were able to meet the specific needs of their tourist patients for a lot of years now, and now offers English-speaking America and UK-trained health professionals as their staffs Many of their hospitals and facilities are members of the larges and first ever integrated hospital groups that are operating in South East Asia

Medical Tourism in India

A lot of people come to India in order to acquire specific treatment for their various health conditions. The areas which they have greatly exceled include nose surgery or rhinoplasty, tummy tuck or abdominoplasty, knee or hip tuck, gastric bypass surgery, bone marrow transplants as well as cancer care, heart bypass, and dental tourism. Practically, each part of India is dotted with specialty hospitals that offer cost-effective treatments to different medical conditions you have.

Truth be told, India has top of the line medical equipment and facilities. Their hospitals can compete those that are in Europe and US, especially when it comes to personalized care, infrastructure and cost-effective treatments. The cheap cost of treatment is the main reason that aided them in gaining the reputation of best destination for medical tourism. Typically, the treatment procedures here can cost you up to 75% savings than those that are done in US or Europe. For instance, the dental tourism in India, specifically for dental filing, will only cost you $200, while the same service in US will cost you around $3000.

Comparing Advantages of Medical Tourism Thailand and in India

Today, with great facilities in both Thailand and India, patients from around the world surely come for the specific treatment needs. Hence, we can say that they are the perfect places to bid your goodbye to various conditions. Other procedures available in these countries include dental services such as porcelain and composite tooth veneers, caps, filing, crowns, bonding root canals, dentures, tooth reshaping and contouring, dental implants, and teeth whitening services and dental bridges.

In addition to that, the hospitals in these countries are all well-equipped and provide accommodations as well as miscellaneous service, like retail and cafeteria facilities in hospitals. Also, the Thailand’s healthcare tourism and India’s healthcare tourism both tops in offering high-tech general medical treatments and procedures, including diagnostics, cardiology, nose, ear, and throat, female productivity and fertility, and general surgery. Therefore, you shouldn’t hesitate, and completely trust their medical treatments as they’re offering the best services to their clients with great care. In terms of costs, they are very easy to be handled as both India and Thailand are known for their economical fares on many different things. Therefore, you can now say goodbye to your health problems through the healthcare services in India and in Thailand.




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