Natural Beauty of Bangladesh: Enjoy the Six Shades of Green

Summer (Mid April to mid June)

Summer in Bangladesh consists of Baishakh and Jaishtho Bengali months. The first day of Baishakh is celebrated nationwide as the first day of Bengali new-year. The summer strikes Bangladesh with all its might and the temperature reaches up to 42 degree Celsius. With the sun directly over the head, the heat waves can be felt even from at home. The soils crack and water starts to dry up. In rural areas, many rituals take place praying to God to bestow rain. A powerful storm, named, ‘Kalbaishakhi’ attacks Bangladesh in this season, which causes a lot of damage every year. The good thing about the summer is; some of the most delicious fruits can only be found in this time of the year. A single bite of the delicious Mango, Jack fruit, Litchi, Watermelon or Black berry can make you fall in love with it. Gorgeous flowers like Roses, China rose, Jasmine blossoms during summer. Not the ideal time to visit Bangladesh for tourists.

Rainy season (Mid June to mid August)

After the scorching heat of the summer, the rainy season comes as a blessing of god. It quenches the water thirst of nature. The trees look greener and the rivers are at their full tide. The clouds start to gather over the horizon acknowledging everyone about the upcoming heavy rainfall. The dried up nature gets rejuvenated. It is the ideal business time for fishermen. But, the blissful rainy season has its downside too. Flood takes place almost every year due to excessive rainfall washing away miles of lowlands. In spite of this problem, the romantic weather of the rainy season is favored by most Bangladeshis. Many poetry, songs and art of Bengali literature have been inspired by the rainy season. If you want to see rivers of Bangladesh in full flow and enjoy the scenic beauty of the rain, this is the ideal time to visit for you. But, make sure you come with a tour guide so that he/she can plan and manage your trip avoiding the floods.

Autumn (Mid August to mid September)

From the middle of august the heavy clouds start to move away and the sky looks brighter again. Autumn comprises of the Bengali months, Bhadro and Ashwin. The blue sky, green paddy field, crystal clear water creates a heavenly environment. Numerous flowers bloom to add color to the nature. The moonlit nights in autumns are very special. Visiting jungles and beaches in one of these nights will captivate you with its unreal beauties.

Late Autumn (Mid September to mid November)

The natural beauty of Bangladesh is at its very best during this season. You can enjoy the most soothing weather if you visit now. This is the paddy harvesting season of Bangladesh. The color of the paddy field makes the whole place look like a golden carpet. A ritual named ‘Nobanno Utshob’ takes places on the eve of cutting the ripe paddy and replanting the new ones. You can ask your tour guide to take you to one of these festivals. The farmers are very nice people and they will greet you with a warm welcome. The chilly breeze of the winter will start to show up. For tourists this is the ideal time to visit this wonderful country.

Winter (Mid November to Early February)

After the comfortable weather of Autumn comes the icy cold winter. The green leaves are all shed and the whole nature goes into hibernation mode. You’ll require heavy clothing and necessary protection against the cold weather. But, even this dried condition has its own beauty. The foggy and smoky winter morning looks quite phenomenal. Date and Palm juices are special attractions of this season. With no rainfall whatsoever this is the most preferred season to visit the beaches like Cox’s Bazar or Kuakata. A very special dessert named Pitha is made in the rural villages during this time of the year. The most delicious vegetables are found in the winters. Winter is also known as the wedding season of Bangladesh as most of the wedding ceremonies take place during this time of the year.

Spring (Mid February to mid April)

Spring is known as the king of all seasons in Bangladesh. After the extreme cold of the winter, the weather is comfortable once again. Flowers bloom and small leaves grow on trees, as if the whole nature has just woken up from its long slumber. Neither hot nor cold, it’s one of the best times for visiting Bangladesh. Many festivals are arranged throughout the whole season. Photographers and filmmakers love this time of the year. Butterflies and bees add color to the already colorful nature. Gentle breeze coming from the south side will cool will body and mind. You’ll see flocks of migratory birds flying over the seas and rivers.

Overall, Bangladesh is a very nice place to spend your next holiday. If you can ignore the traffic jam and congestion you are going to enjoy it a lot. The foods here are absolutely delicious. You’ll love the beaches, the jungles, the tea gardens and archeological wonders of the country. There are numbers of luxurious hotels and motels to ensure your comfortable stay here. Having a tour guide to plan your whole trip will help you a lot. With a small amount of cash, you can ensure a safe and convenient trip.



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