San Cristóbal de las Casas: encounter with the Mayan culture

The charm of the area captivates all who visit, to revel in the harmony between constructions and nature, once you find there your first visit should be to the Cathedral, built in 1528, with its Baroque style which will force you to take a photo in its facade.

arco del Carmen San Cristobal

If we talk about places to photograph you the Arco del Carmen they should be part of your album of memories, this structure is currently considered a symbol of the city and it was carried out in order to be a Bell Tower for a church.

Catedral San Cristobal

Between the colorful streets of San Cristóbal de las Casas, there are several museums that deserve to be known, one of them is the amber Museum, a stone that characterizes the population, it opened its doors in 2000 with 300 pieces of this stone that can be appreciated in raw or carved by great craftsmen.

With a similar style is the Mesoamerican Jade Museum, where you will see impressive figures made with this stone, as well as jewelry used by eight Mesoamerican cultures, but not limited to samples, also there is a library, educational area and a shop for you take a memory in jade.

museo-mesoamericano-del-jade San Cristobal

With a pleasant temperate climate to walk, can go to the center of the development of medicine Maya, where there is a sample of the Tzotzil and Tzeltal healing practices, boasts a garden with fields of plants medicinal, and visitors can acquire some remedies and learn about the healing power of the methods used by these people.

To continue learning about this culture, go to the Centre of Textiles of the world Maya or San Global, located in the former convent of San Domingo de Guzmán, there you will see a large sample of 500 Mayan costumes and you can buy blouses, skirts, huipiles, rugs made from the hands of skillful Weaver Chiapas.

A walk to fall afternoon and part of the night by their tourist Walker will allow you to enjoy the tranquility of the environment, starting from Avenue 20 November, you will see the theatre Daniel Zabaduá, the Municipal Palace, the Plaza de Los Arcos and eat the delicious sausages in the characteristic of the area.

The market of San Cristóbal de las Casas is the ideal place to get all the types of the place, from colorful crafts, clothing, sweets, food, and ingredients, this visit will fulfill your senses.

market San Cristobal

Already moving away from a little village you can move to Zinacantán or the "Place of bats", a cold zone, where you sumergieras in the indigenous world, you can witness your celebrations and customs and go to the Church of San Lorenzo.

If what you want is to have direct contact with the adventure and nature meet "El Arcotete", there are various activities that perform as rappeling on walls of more than 50 meters, directed to connoisseurs, zip lining at a distance of more than 300 meters that can be enjoyed by children, there are areas for camping, rides horses and bicycles, by the hand of a tourist guide.

Another impressive landscape is you offering the Cascades el Chiflón, this park is formed by a group of falls of water from the river San Vicente, which then creates beautiful spas.

Cascada chiflón san cristobal

During the tour, you can see a very rich flora, and stroll among the scents and colors of the bromeliads, orchids, cedar, and mahogany, among others. In addition to seeing the show that offers you to view waterfalls: sigh, Angel wing, Bridal Veil, Rainbow, and Quinceanera.

parque-ecoturistico-el-arcotete San Cristobal

Rancho Nuevo and the mammoth caves are two options that you should also consider there are zip lines in the first, steps to horses, slides of cement, and other very familiar attractions on both there are caves that you can be traversed with a tourist guide, are somewhat dark, with bats and formations of stalagmites of years after creation.

Between the dates recommended going to San Cristóbal de las Casas, is one week after Easter, when he is the "big party" during the spring fair and peace, 7 days carrying out samples of artistic, gastronomic, bullfights of bulls, cultural, sports, children's activities, and culminates with the traditional parade of the Queen of the fair.

The ideal time to visit is at the end of October when held the Baroque Cervantino Festival, which lasts for 10 days, in this, there is a mixture of international artists and brings together hundreds of tourists in their seats.

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