Taxco, minning and viceroyalty join in a city.

Taxco is located to 170 km (105 miles) from Mexico City and to 245 km (152 miles) from the beautiful beaches of the largest tourist destination in the Guerrero and one the most important in the country: Acapulco. To get here it’s necessary first to get in plane to Mexico City International Airport because there are not flights to Taxco. The flights to Mexico City from different cities all over the world can be varied but the average fare is between MXN $6,000 (USD$350) and MXN$ 20,000 (USD$ 1,200) round trip depending on the city where you travel on any airline since virtually all they go to Mexico City. Later you should go to bus station in the south of the city and it is out subway station Taxqueña or well taking a taxi. By subway the fare will be MXN $5 (USD $0.30) but you should be careful because there are a lot people and robbers too. In taxi the fare is between MXN $100 to MXN $150 (USD $6 to USD $9) spending an hour and being there you go to bus line Estrella de Oro or Estrella Blanca (Gold Star or White Star). The fare by one person round trip is MXN $380 (USD $23) Mexico City-Taxco and Taxco-Mexico City. Is not recommended to rent a car because Taxco has cobblestone streets, narrow and steep so it is very difficult to drive there. It’s better to take taxi in very long distances for example when you will go to Teleferico (cable car) or Cacahuamilpa’s grottoes that we will talk later. Otherwise by nearness the center it is advisable to walk.

Teleferico (cable car)

Certainly in the Taxco downtown is where we will find the most of the places to visit for proximity, like their unnumbered churches and museums; but the principal attraction is next to the zocalo, the Santa Prisca Church. It’s very convenient to have a private tour guide and they only receive a gratification and with his help we can to get the wonder of this majestic baroque churrigueresco’s building, with its golden altars and big steeples. This church was built in 1758 over 250 years ago. There are organ concerts are heard amazing.

Santa Prisca Church

The former Convent of San Bernardino of Siena is located a few squares of Santa Prisca Church, in Benito Juarez street and Estacadas street. A tour guide can be getting because he has to explain about this building built in 1592, but the convent was burned and restored before one of the heroes of the Mexican nation, Agustin de Iturbide, wrote the Plan of Iguala in 1821 beginning the Mexico independence. In the back it has three beautiful sculptures representing religious rites.

Santa Prisca Church_1

The Casa Borda or culture house is located a few steps from the zocalo. It’s just a colonial building but whit a great history, it will be good to have a tour guide but worth a visit.

The panoramic Christ is located on the Atache’s hill. You can get there by public transport that says "Casahuates" taking it in the Plazuela de San Juan or even a taxi. This monument is 5m high and watches over the Taxco city with an amazing viewpoint. In addition it can be seen from anywhere in Taxco.

Plazuela de San Juan

The Humboldt House it’s in the downtown also and it’s located close by Santa Prisca Church beside its street. You can to walk ahead Guillermo Spratling museum to get the Juan Ruiz de Alarcon street. The entry ticket is in MXN $20 (USD $1.20) and it includes a tour guide. The nice thing is that the tour guides are seniors and you can give them a gratification in exchange for their vast knowledge. Few pieces dating viceroyalty those found in this small but interesting museum. Also in the back there are balconies where you can take fabulous photos of the city and temporary exhibitions from around the world very interesting too.

The Antigua Hacienda del Chorrillo is near the hotel Montetaxco, about 15 minutes by taxi from downtown on the street Chorrillo. Today it is a school belonging to the most important university in Latin America: UNAM, but previously was owned by the Hernan Cortes son and also has a good botanical garden. It is advisable to inquire about the closing days of the facilities that are commonly at holiday time. Some of the students attending this school can support as a tour guide and given a tip. This is one of two places where you can take the cable car.

Antigua Hacienda del Chorrillo

The Taxco’s cable car can get in the Montetaxco Hotel also. A luxury hotel in the mountain with fares per night around MXN $ 1,400 (USD $82.50). In this hotel there are pool and restaurants but the best is “El Taxqueño”, opening every day from 7am to 10 pm and you can to enjoy delicious Mexican food. The hotel is located in Alfredo Checa Curi street S/N in Lomas de Taxco and you can to get better in taxi spending 15 minutes from the downtown. The cable car is opening from Sunday to Thursday from 8am to 7pm or Friday and Saturday from 8am to 10pm. The entry fare is Adult MXN $95 (USD $5.60) round trip or MXN $65 (USD $3.85) one way and for children MXN $65 (USD $3.85) round trip and MXN $45 (USD $2.65) one way. It is at a height of 175 meters enjoying a wonderful view of the whole city.

 El Taxqueño

Cacahuamilpa’s grottoes are located to 34 km (21 miles) to Taxco and you spend around 40 min to get. It is advisable to take a taxi and their fare is around MXN $70 (USD $4). The entry fare is in MXN $60 (USD $3.50) per person and the tours with a tour guide are each hour from 10am to 5pm. Other option is to take a bus in the bus station named “autobuses aguila” and come each hour with a fare MXN $25 (USD $1.47) spending around 30 minutes but it’s very complicated; the better is a taxi. Is very convenient to wait a tour guide because they have the necessary knowledge to grottoes history and they explain you the origins and legends of all natural stone formations that have been made for thousands of years in those caves.

Cacahuamilpa’s grottoes

Lastly and returning to the Taxco downtown; we found a gold and silver mine that you can’t miss on this trip. The mine is located under the Hotel Posada de la Mission and this is located in the 32th Cerro de la Mision Street, near the former convent of St. Bernardine of Siena and the Church of the Chavarrieta. You can stay there for around MXN$ 1,450 (USD $85) per night. The entrance to the mine is expensive, MXN $ 150 (USD $9) per person but a great experience to know what is being inside a mine. They have very friendly tourist guides and much knowledge that make tour more enjoyable although short (30 minutes), you can also rappel at an extra cost. At the end it includes a drink and has the representation of a prehispanic miner.

You won’t regret all tours to churches, museums, silver markets and historic sites that Taxco offers you.

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