Top famous NYC Sightseeing Attractions- Empire State Building

Empire State Building is among the world famous attractions that you just can’t afford to miss when you are visiting New York City. This 102 story skyscraper offers the most unique and remarkable experience with a 360 degree view of the city and some of its well known attractions. The observation deck on the 86th floor along with the recently decorated Art deco lobby provides a unique opportunity to explore this magnificent landmark of New York on your NYC sightseeing tours.

There are many NYC travel guides that offers guided tours along the city’s main attractions that gives you more flexibility and freedom to enjoy your vacation. Most of the NYC tour guides can help in planning your travel itineraries to provide more ease and convenience, while touring and visiting some of the best attractions in New York.

About Empire State Building

The Empire State Building is the fifth tallest skyscrapers located in the heart of Manhattan city, New York in the United States of America. The roof height of this iconic structure is around 1,250 feet (along with the antenna spire) and the total height measures at 1,454 feet. The American Society of Civil Engineers has also named this landmark as the Seven Wonders of the Modern World and its architecture has been designed in the Art Deco style.

Empire State Building

Brief history

This massive building was constructed during the 1930’s just before the Great Depression on the 5thAvenue and completed in approx 1 year and 45 days. The Empire State Building was designed by William. F. Lamb from the Shreve, Lamb and Harmon (architecture firm) and was built over an entire city block. This site was originally occupied by the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in 1897, which was one of the posh and largest hotels in New York with 1050 rooms.

The owners decided to rebuild the hotel on a different location as the style became outdated over the years and construction of the Empire State skyscraper began on this site. It was one of the fastest skyscrapers that was completed swiftly in those times. The official inauguration of the building was done on May 1st, 1931 with the presence of the then Governor-Franklin D Roosevelt.

The early days of Great Depression

The Empire State Building was supposed to be the last building which was constructed, before the Great Depression which had the worst impact on the real estate economy. For almost 40 years, this grand structure held its title of the world’s tallest building, there were no more tall skyscrapers being built in the city around that time, except for the Rockefeller Center after 1933. Nearly after two decades, the real estate market recovered fully, when this building became one of the most profitable structures around New York City.

Interesting facts about the Empire State Building

  • The Empire State Building is owned by the Empire State Realty Trust and Anthony Malkins is the Chairman, CEO and President and it was declared as the National Historic Landmark in the year 1986.
  • This grand skyscraper has over 100 floors with 6,500 windows and 73 elevators with around 1,860 steps from the street upto the 102nd floor.
  • There are more than 100 business establishments and the building has its own zip code.
  • Along the 102nd floor of this majestic building, there is a door that takes you through the 103rd floor along the stairways which is a favorite spot for the celebrities.

Interesting facts about the Empire State Building

Enjoy the lovely display of lights

There are towerlights that illuminate the building that lit the spire (top of the building) to mark some special events and look simply dazzling. They can be seen during St. Patrick’s Day, Independence Day and also on the Christmas day along with many other occasions. These towerlights change color according to the event and organizations throughout the year. In 2012, a new LED light system was introduced with the ability to display around 16 million colors which is simply fantastic.

Discover the beautiful Art Deco theme lobby

Explore the magnificent and creatively designed interiors of the Art Deco lobby comprising of ceiling murals with depiction of the stars and planets that looks stunning in 24 carat gold and aluminum leaf, inside this historical building.

On the front desk along the walls of the fifth Avenue lobby, you can catch a glimpse of the most elegant depiction of the building itself, which is one of the most popular images.

Head along the second floor to the spacious and sprawling visitor centre to purchase your tickets and also visit the sustainability exhibit and the Dare to Dream Exhibit. Here you can learn more about the grand history and marvelous construction of this state of the art and world class skyscraper.

Enjoy sightseeing NYC from the Main Observation Deck

Make the most of your NYC sightseeing tours by catching the most majestic glimpse from the observation deck on the 86th floor of this grand Empire State Building. Get some of the best views of The Hudson River, Central Park and the East River along with the Brooklyn Bridge, The famous Statue of Liberty, Times Square and other world class attractions.

There are multi-media handheld devices available to provide information about each and every view from different directions to the visitors.

Enjoy sightseeing NYC from the Main Observation Deck

Captivating views from the Top Deck

Catch the most panoramic views of this city’s skyline from across the 102nd floor using the manually operated elevator. From here you can get a closer and complete view of the Central Park and other famous NYC sightseeing attractions. And of course if you want to get the best views of the Empire State Building itself, then it may be a good idea to visit the Rockefeller Center and get majestic views from its observatory.

Take a tour of the official store

If you would like to take back some wonderful memories of this impressive structure with you, then don’t forget to visit the official gift store on the 80th floor. There is a great choice of gifts and souvenirs-right from clothing apparel to creatively inspired jewelry in lovely designs along with the Empire State Building designs available for the visitors.



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