Travelling Around Breathtaking Places in Tunisia

Travelling Around Breathtaking Places in Tunisia

Taking a vacation after months of stresses at work is exciting and one of the best ways to enjoy this break to the fullest is by travelling. Indeed, travelling is a wonderful hobby for almost all of us. Travelling has many advantages to us such as discovering other beautiful places, new cultures, and meeting new people. When we talk about the best tourist destinations in the world, one of the places that will be surely included in the list is Tunisia. Tunisia is a popular key tourist destination for most travelers worldwide because it is a place wherein simplicity, modernization and breathtakingly beautiful places meet. Aside from that, this place has the best private tourist guides who will certainly be a great companion which makes the travel even more exciting and one of a kind travel experience.

Over the past years, Tunisia has become one of the most popular and sought after tourist destinations in the world featured in a lot of famous travel agents’ brochures. There is no any wonder with that because if you are looking for a place where you can feel complete peace of mind and will have the best time of pampering yourself after weeks, months or years of stressful and tiring job, then Tunisia is the most perfect place for you. It is like a heaven here on earth because it does not only offer an impressive array of beaches and hot climate because it also has a wide variety of attractions which completely lure tourists to come and even stay in the place for a longer time. The famous tourist attractions in this place is not only about an enticing nightlife and white sands because it also historical sites which will amaze you more, most especially with the guidance of a private tourist guide.

Top tourist attractions in Tunisia

Whether you love going to the beach, enjoying an enticing nightlife, or you appreciate historical sites and great scenery, Tunisia is a place in the world that can offer whatever you want in terms of travelling. Among Tunisia’s most popular tourist attractions that you will surely love is the ancient ruins of Carthage, its cosmopolitan capital city of Tunis, the coastal resorts outside Monastir and the Muslim and Jewish quarter of Jerba. Tunis is a beautiful place where you can have everything. A famous magazine – The New York Times - even said that Tunisia is popular for its sunny weather, golden beaches and very affordable luxuries.

You can also add to the description that Tunisia is the home of the best private tourist guides in the world because it is one of the few places in the world where you will find the best tourist guide. Tunisia has a lot of things to offer, most especially in terms of golf tourism, culture, health and wellness and as well as ecotourism. If you are planning to travel around Tunisia, you can enjoy much better if you find a private tourist guide plus knowing the specific places that you would want to go, whether you are staying for days or even a month or so. If you don’t have yet a specific place to go in Tunisia, the following are the top destinations that you must include in the list of your travel goals.

Beautiful places in Tunisia that you must visit

  • Tunis Medina

It is one of the traditional sites in Tunisia that tourists from all ages would love. It is the place also where you can find the best souvenir pieces because a bustling market that is full of local products is contained inside this traditional place. You can also enjoy setting your eyes on the monuments here such as Torbet el Bey, Zitouna Mosque, and Dar Hussein Museum of Islamic Art if you roam around the place with a private tourist guide because he/she can tell you the stories behind these monuments while feeding your eyes with the beautiful sight.

  • Bardo Museum

This place boasts a high international reputation with mosaics and historic sculptures which the visitors can browse as well as the Islamic and paleo-Christian offerings. Again, it is much better to seek the help of a private tourist guide to better appreciate the quality as well as history behind this museum.

  • El Djem

This is probably the place that you will enjoy the best if you prefer most a place that has been a big part in history. El Djem is the attraction in Tunisia which is mostly covered in holiday brochures. This place has an underground area that is still very much in-tact and has dungeons and tunnels which are believed to be a home for gladiators before.

  • Ancient ruins of Carthage

It is a wealthy suburb of Tunis that has villas which are surronded by gardens full of beautful red hibiscus blossoms as well as purple bougainvillea. It is rich in history and the most important remains of the Roma Carthage are the adjoining Archaelogical Park and the Baths of Antoninus Pius.

  • National Archaeologicla Museum

Within the park lies the National Archaeological Museum which exhibits a model of Punic Carthage, Byrsa Hill, Early Christian and Punic antiquities, ornaments, jewelry and a whole lot more.

Why you should hire a private tourist guide when you travel in Tunisia?

There are many benefits of hiring a private tuorist guide when you travel in the beautiful places in Tunisia. One of these benefits is that you can have a personalized travel or tourist design which means that you own the time and you are the boss when it comes to the places that you must visit. Hiring a private tour guide can help you in terms of budgeting, most especially if you have just enough money and does not have an extra. It is much better also to travel with a private tutor in terms of communication. It is very helpful to be able to speak or communicate effectively when visiting new places or countries and private tour guides are locals so you are assured that they can translate whatever you say to their language. With a private tour guide, your experience of travelling in Tunisia will surely be all worth it. In Tunisia you can use the services of a private tourist guide Abdessalem Dkhil.



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