Why do tourists need a local private tour guide?

The times of mass tourism are gradually receding into the past. Today, many people prefer individual travel with a private tour guide instead of group travel, refusing a clear program, time frame, and other constraints. As it turned out to the surprise of many of them, it’s not so expensive, especially if you go within a mini-group of 3-5 people. Besides, an individual approach has much more advantages than the classical one.

Tourists may choose to hire a private tour guide for several reasons, including:

The profession of a local tour guide dates back to ancient times when locals would show travelers around their city or place of origin. However, organized tour guiding as a profession became more widespread with the rise of leisure travel in the 20th century. In many countries, local tour guides are now required to be licensed and trained in order to lead tours and provide information to tourists. The exact origin of the profession varies depending on the location and culture, but it has evolved into a necessary and respected aspect of the travel industry.

Touring with a tour guide offers several advantages, including:

  1. Expert knowledge: Local tour guides have in-depth knowledge of the history, culture, and landmarks of the destination and can provide a more enriching and educational experience.
  2. Convenience: A local tour guide can handle all the logistics of the trip, such as transportation and reservations, freeing up time for tourists to focus on sightseeing and enjoying the experience.
  3. Safety: Tour guides are trained in safety procedures and can provide assistance in emergency situations.
  4. Personalization: A local tour guide can tailor the itinerary and experience to the specific interests and needs of the group.
  5. Cultural immersion: Tour guides can provide insight into local customs and traditions, allowing tourists to better understand and appreciate the culture of the destination.
  6. Time-saving: Tour guides can help tourists navigate busy tourist areas and prioritize sights, reducing the time spent waiting in lines and ensuring they make the most of their trip.

Why is a private tour guide different? An individual tour guide is an erudite multi-skilled specialist! Other people, as a rule, can’t enter this business, because the requirements here are severe. This person should be able to fine-tune the travel plan to the client's requests, and adjust it, depending on the group member’s opinion, weather, and other circumstances. Everything is within his or her competence: from the story about the sights and advice in the selection of souvenirs to the recommendation of a favorable exchange office and providing first aid.

Private local tour guides usually specialize in specific cities or regions where they live. Therefore, they are well-versed not only in the history of the area but also in the mentality differences, education system, prices, and political and cultural life.

Touring with a local private tour guide also has some disadvantages, including:

  • Cost: Hiring a tour guide can be more expensive than self-guided tours, especially if the group is small.
  • Inflexibility: Touring with a guide can limit spontaneity and the ability to make last-minute changes to the itinerary.
  • Large groups: Touring with a guide often involves traveling with a large group of people, which can be overwhelming for some travelers.
  • Limited interaction with locals: Touring with a guide can limit opportunities for interaction with local residents and independent exploration of the destination.
  • Dependence on the guide: Tourists are dependent on the tour guide for information and direction, which can be problematic if the guide is not knowledgeable or experienced.
  • One-size-fits-all approach: Tour guides may use a standardized approach to sightseeing, which may not suit the interests or pace of individual travelers.

A tourist can ensure the qualification of an unknown local tour guide by taking the following steps:

  1. Check for certifications and licenses: In many countries, tour guides are required to be licensed and/or certified. You can check with local tourist boards or industry organizations to verify the credentials of the tour guide. Some tour guides on our web pages also demonstrate the uploaded licenses and certificates in their profile. Remember, that you can always ask them to prove it, too!
  2. Read reviews and check references: Read online reviews from previous tourists who have used the tour guide and check references to see what others have to say about their experiences.
  3. Ask for credentials: Don't be afraid to ask the tour guide for proof of their qualifications and experience. This may include certificates, licenses, or references from previous clients.
  4. Look for professional organizations: Look for membership in professional organizations, such as the International Association of Professional Tour Guides, as a sign of professionalism and expertise.

By taking these steps, a tourist can feel more confident in the qualifications of an unknown tour guide and ensure a positive and educational tour experience.

A local English-speaking tour guide may be necessary for the following situations:

  • Language barriers: If a tourist does not speak the local language, a local tour guide can provide translation and help with communication.
  • Complex itineraries: If the tour involves visiting multiple destinations, a personal tour guide can help coordinate transportation and handle logistics, ensuring a smooth and efficient trip.
  • Specialized interests: If a tourist has specific interests, such as history, art, or wildlife, an individual tour guide can provide in-depth information and insights on these topics.
  • Safety concerns: If a tourist is visiting a destination that may have safety concerns, a tour guide can provide information and assistance to ensure a safe trip.
  • Access to exclusive locations: A tour guide can help a tourist access exclusive locations or experiences that may not be available to the general public.
  • Large groups: For groups of 10 or more, a tour guide can help manage logistics, keep the group organized, and provide a more enjoyable and efficient experience.

In these situations, a tour guide can provide valuable assistance, expertise, and added convenience, making the trip more enjoyable and memorable.

Here is a real-life example of traveling with a local English-speaking tour guide:

An American family of four decided to take a cruise around Europe, visiting several countries over the course of two weeks. They hired a local tour guide in each port to lead them on their journey, and the private tour guide was able to provide a wealth of information on the history, culture, and sights of each country on shore excursions in every city they visited during a day as a cruise stops usually only 1 day in a town.

The tour guide handled all the logistics of the trip, from transportation to accommodations and meal reservations, allowing the family to relax and enjoy their travels. It was very important because the family must be always on time on the pier before the ship's departure. The personal tour guide also provided personalized attention, making sure the itinerary was tailored to the family's interests and needs.

In each country, the local tour guide showed the family hidden gems and local experiences that they would not have discovered on their own. The tour guide also provided a cultural immersion experience, helping the family understand and appreciate the local customs and traditions.

The cost of every private excursion arranged by a local tour guide found by this family on our website was cheaper (sometimes several times cheaper) than the same excursion bought on a cruise aboard.

By the end of the trip, the family was able to visit many amazing sights, learn about the history and culture of each country they visited, and make lasting memories. They felt that having tour guides in every place they visited made their trip much more enjoyable and stress-free.

Building effective communication with a new tour guide is key to having a positive and enjoyable tour experience.

Here are some tips to help establish good communication:

  • Clarify expectations: Before the tour, make sure to discuss your expectations and preferences with the personal tour guide. This can include desired pace, specific interests, and any dietary or mobility requirements.
  • Ask questions: Don't be afraid to ask questions throughout the local tour. This can help ensure that you are getting the information and experience you want.
  • Provide feedback: If there is something you don't like or would like to change, provide constructive feedback to the tour guide. This can help them better understand your needs and improve the tour.
  • Be open-minded: Be open to new experiences and perspectives, and try to keep an open mind throughout the tour. This can help foster a positive and productive relationship with the tour guide.
  • Be respectful: Treat the tour guide with respect and professionalism, and be considerate of their time and efforts.

By following these tips, you can help establish effective communication with a new tour guide and ensure a memorable and enjoyable tour experience.

And it is on our website that you can find a private local tour guide in any city in the world because PRIVATE GUIDE WORLD is a virtual web service on and Android and iOS applications that help local private guides and tourists find each other!

S which helps local private tour guides and tourists find each other! The service exist since 2016 and has a huge database of multilingual local tour guides almost in every location around the world!

Local tour guides have a big variety of options to present themselves, and their tours/excursions and communicate with tourists online via in-built messenger.

A unique PRIVATE GUIDE WORLD feature is a search for local tour guides by geolocation. Tourists can find all the available local tour guides in a particular city area from their smartphones in App.

After a simple and completely free sign up tourists have at their disposal a convenient platform for finding a local private tour guide in the travel destination with a few clicks on the website and in the PRIVATE GUIDE mobile application! It is a simple, user-friendly, and easy navigation tool for those who love to explore the world! 

Overall, hiring a private tour guide can provide a more customized and stress-free tour experience, allowing tourists to make the most of their travels.

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  • John Doe 08:34 22 MAY 2017

    I was turist guide from 35 years . it appears each word you write here comes from me .. so nothing to teach just agree with this conments. the cost of my servises are realy recobered because we save money . glad to work with pivete guide world. and ready to serve from here.

  • John Doe 23:39 07 SEP 2016

    Even in the most developed of destinations, such as Japan, where English is not widely spoken, a tour guide facilitates those all important personal encounters and connections -- the richest aspect of travel.

    Patrick Morris

  • John Doe 18:31 18 MAY 2016

    Oh, absolutely agree with the author! I guess the private tour guide is just a MUST if you wanna to go deep in local culture or local habits or non-touristic places, etc.
    .... And I love all those private stories the tour guides use to tell about their jobs, clients, families! It helps to understands the locals better.

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