A Journey to Macedonia, Bulgaria, and Greece

A Journey to Macedonia, Bulgaria, and Greece

Why choose a vacation in Macedonia?

Macedonia has deep roots in history. However, the country officially declared its independence in 1991 making it a more than an interesting touristic destination to admire thanks to the proper help of a private tour guide. Considered as one of the most beautiful Balkanic countries, Macedonia is still not “attacked” by the masses. Therefore, this interesting country offers a real authenticity, which many other, more famous and well-known countries, have lost. While traveling through Macedonia, you can meet so many ethnic groups and learn why the word macedonia is used when it comes to fruit.

Being a small country, Macedonia always offers more than a fantastic touristic tour where you can get in touch with incredible and magnificent historical and cultural remains. One of the main characteristics is a rich heritage consisting of Byzantine churches with frescoes of rare beauty.
Macedonia, famous for being the homeland of Alexander the Great, offers important starting points for planning a fantastic vacation. For example, there is the Kale Fortress in its capital Skopje, the Old Bazaar, which is one of the biggest in the Balkans and a glorious heritage of the Ottoman Empire. At the city gates is the Matka Canyon, a natural wonder. Other places to visit are Tetovo with the XV century mosque, Mavrovo National Park, which expands on over 73.000 hectares and is a place where you can ski and happens to be the historical centre of the Ohrid region and World Heritage site.

Why choose a vacation in Bulgaria?

Bulgaria has always represented a natural bridge between Christianity and Islamism. It is a country that deserves to be visited with the help of a personal tour guide. Originating from Central Asia, the Bulgarians are a very old nation. You can begin a vacation in Bulgaria from the beautiful Valley of the Roses, situated in the bottom of the mountain Stara Planina. The blooming starts in June. The harvest starts in the first few hours of dawn just a few moments before the flowers open. A tourist can even attend the long forgotten bucolic spectacle. However, Bulgaria is not only about nature.

After Athens and Rome, the capital of the Bulgaria, Sofia, is a beautiful city. It is also the oldest european city. Situated in the bottom of the Vitosha, Sofia is a paradise for culture and architecture lovers. In fact, there are palaces, churches, and historical residences as well as various archaeological sites. Another enchanting city you can visit is Plovdiv, rich with historical remains such as mosques from the Ottoman period, the Byzantine ruins, the Roman amphitheatre, and the remains of the Thracian fortress. Among its enchanting villages, there is Nesebar with its precious medieval churches. Another trace, almost obligatory, are the stone churches of Ivanovo. A visit to Pirin National Park also has a big enviromental importance.

Thanks to its history with the Thracians, Romans, Bulgarian kingdoms and the Ottomans, Bulgaria preseved a cultural heritage of great richness and diversity. If you want to discover the treasures of Bulgarian Thrace, there is no place better than Museum of Panagyurishte. It is difficult to organize a vacation in Bulgaria without seeing a monastery since there are more than 200 monasteries mostly located in the mountains. Even today, these (monasteries) proudly represent the evidence of past times when the monasteries took care of the Bulgarian spirit, its culture and its art. The most famous and one of the most visited monasteries is Rila Monastery. Therefore, a vacation in Bulgaria will be a unique experience which will prove more than interesting.

Why choose a vacation in Greece?

Greece is widely known as the cradle of the Western civilization. Therefore, in order to show all the reasons why you should go on a vacation to the Greece, it will be necessary to dedicate extra time just for this country. Surely, a personal tour guide can help you organize a vacation to Greece. This beautiful country has what is fairly considered as one of the richest and most important territories when it comes to culture, history, environment and landscapes.

A traveler to Greece will have an incomparable pleasure of mixing natural and archaeological beauty. It is a place where it is possible to walk between history and art between natural wonders and charming views. Besides, a vacation in Greece offers you to have a better experience when indulging in its precious heritage of food and wine. Marvelous archeological sites, ruins of impressive beauty and mysterious temples also wait for tourists in Greece. Not without a reason, Greece offers a rich culture of World Heritage Sites. Other pearls of Greece are monasteries on the rocks of Olympia, Delos and Meteora, as well as many precious remains conserved in its numerous and important museums.

Since a vacation in Greece can widely satisfy every tourist’s wish, it would be convenient to make a travel plan. For example, the first suitable subdivision for planning a trip to Greece is between its land, its numerous wonderful islands, and precious jewels bathed by the crystal clear sea. Greece is a type of incredible garden with an infinite amount of beauties to visit and admire. Moreover, this country is not only about archaeology, art and culture, diving, sea and beaches. In fact, a vacation in Greece is also about entertainment and sport. Athens, the marvelous islands Santorini, Corfu and Rhodes, the Saronic Islands, as well as ancient fortresses, medieval buildings, and the legendary Lake Plastiras are just a small part of what this amazing country can offer. Another thing to remember is that Greece offers equally incredible wellness vacations and is famous for the natural abundance of mineral-rich waters of its hot springs.



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