A Majestic Tale of Wonders; Dunhuang to Chang’an

Vacation is always made up to be a fun and tranquil cessation of your everyday life. Nevertheless, a poorly scheduled holiday will end up being a nuisance. Giving some time to yourself to design a strategy can be a great way to build up enthusiasm for your holiday.

Tour guides are always a sort of blessing for tourists who are visiting a place for the first time. A tour guide can help in locating adventurous places and assist you with the native facts of a particular place. They can help you in communicating with the natives of the city. One can save time and visit a lot more places just by hiring a tour guide. It is always safe to have someone in the group who is known about the particular place you are going to visit. Tour guides will not let you waste your money on visiting places that are of no interest. So, lose yourself in the winds and turn of ancient trading by hiring a tour guide.

If you have planned to make a route to Chang's from Dunhuang using the silk route, you will surely see a lot of exquisite primeval heritage on the way. No wonder, you are going to say WOW after viewing such beautiful places. A professional and experienced tour guide in such cases will be just like the cherry on top.

This article will help you a lot in knowing the facts about a few awesome places you can see while en route from Dunhuang to Chang’an.

Dunhuang Museum

This museum is present in the city center of Dunhuang City located in the province named Gansu. It originated in October 1979 as the cultural center of the country. It is positioned in a three-floor building covering an area of 2,400 sqm. A group of people with their camels traveling along the Silk Road will greet you just in front of the museum. The museum mirrors the thriving expansion of the society and the cultural virtues exchange between China and western countries. The museum demonstrates above 4,000 Chinese and Tibetan folk vestiges. All these relics are displayed in three sections.

  1. The first section covers the written sutras which are real evidence of Buddhist triggers in old China.
  2. The second section is exhumed from the vaults of the Han Dynasty, The Three Kingdoms Period, the Sui Dynasty, the Tang Dynasty, and the Jin Dynasty.
  3. The third section displays the prosperous culture of Dunhuang including some pretty silk floret brocade, wicker slides used for writing, treasured weapons, and tools which provide valued material to study the legislation, ethos, and economic infrastructure of China.

Magao Caves

Magao Caves, the cave of thousand Buddhas is a center of culture on the Silk Road from the 4th to 14th century. It contains religious artworks covering the entire period. 30 out of 600 surviving cave temples are open to the public. The traveler can clearly see smidgens of Indian Buddhist art in the former workings. The recent work illustrates all the strolls of life and happenings in a confined setting. It is present at the deliberate point along the Silk Route, at the junction of vocation as well as cultural, intellectual, and religious stimuli. The 492 chambers and grotto sanctuaries in Mogao are well-known for their sculptures and wall portraits.

Eco Sand Mountain

The Eco Sand Mountain also named Mingsha Shan is 3 miles away from Dunhuang. Looking from afar afield, the Mountains just look like a golden dragon meandering its way to the skyline. As you approach them, you came to know that sand has a lot of colors ranging from red to yellow and black to white. When a resilient wind blows, the fluctuation makes the sand roar. But when the sand is slightly more than a breeze it harvests a very placid, melodious sound parallel to music. It must be enough said that sand is singing out there, or it is like an echo. One can ride a camel out there; camel riding is one of the most cherished things by tourists in this area. You go from civilization to a total desert and can relish each and every moment there.

Yumenguan Pass Han Great Wall

The Yumenguan Pass, also known as Jade Gate Pass, is an ancient Han Great Wall in Dunhuang. It was created on the Silk Road in China as a counter to the Hun's unending annexation. It is a rectangular square made up of sandstone and hay standing in the Gobi Desert. This pass was created to guard the western gate of the motherland. It was certainly a strategic passage of the famous Silk Road in China. It is open from 8:00 to 6:00 for tourists.

It helped to defend Dunhuang and helped to bring prosperity to the region. Mounting to the top of the Yum-en-Guan Pass, tourists can view the vestiges of the prodigious wall as well as the sparingly speckled time-weathered beacon pylons in the desert. This is one terrific experience for tourists.

The Great Wall of China

The antiquity of the Great Wall is believed to twitch from the spring and autumn days when seven prevailing federations appeared at the same time. The Great Wall of China was of colossal Importance to the fortification and progression of the Silk Road. It helped in maintaining the Chinese existence all over the constituency. It also helped to assist the migration of religion, ideas, and art. The length of the wall is 8,881 kilometers in total, and it is not continuous. The height of the wall is about 8 meters. It was constructed by using rammed earth, and some of the sections are made up of bricks and cut stones. It was initially anticipated to protect the agricultural fields, cities, line of work routes of stable farmer’s raids, and the annexations by itinerant people from the north and the west.



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