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Niagara is among the most famous tourist destination which is popularly known for its breathtaking views and picturesque beauty. The top tourist attraction in this region is Niagara Falls, which is the boundary of the American Falls in the US side and the Goat Island on the Horseshoe Falls on the Canadian side. These falls have been the main attraction of the place for more than thousands of years and are popularly known not just because of its spectacular beauty that leave a long-lasting impression on people’s minds but also for serving as the invaluable hydroelectric power source of the place.

Canadian Ice Wine Travel

From Niagara Falls, just a few minutes of walk, you will be able to find a really amazing wealth of wineries. The place is famous for the production of the best tasting ice wines across the globe. Wine lovers from across the globe flock in this region in order to visit the most renowned ice wineries and be able to taste their exquisite ice wines. The popularity of ice wines in Canada as one of the most famed as well as an important wine producing region can be assessed by the great fact that it’s also known as Niagara: The Land of Wineries.

Canadian Ice Wine Tasting Tours

Niagara wineries provide a paradisiacal place to the wine lovers who choose to come here with a goal to completely enjoy and taste some of the quality wines in the beautiful and peaceful surroundings. The alluring smell of the wineries in Niagara coupled together with several tasty delicacies provided by the near restaurants located there lights their imaginations as well as reignite their dormant desires of going for a Canadian Ice Wine Tasting tour.

The Niagara Ice wine tasting trip doesn’t only provide tourists with a chance to gain some information about how ice wine making industry works, but also an opportunity to be able to taste the rich quality of ice wines that are in high demand from all around the world. The Niagara Ice Wineries often host events for the unforgettable entertainment of wine lovers as well as for the kids that come with them to enjoy live shows, concerts, and various wine tasting events for the adults. The people who are enjoying the taste of wines and other event about wineries can plan or schedule their visit ahead of time in order to reach these kinds of functions on the right time.

Ice WineTours

The whole experience of your Niagara Ice Wine Tours will become bad if you will not visit all available wineries in this place and be able to taste their uniquely crafted ice wines. So, don’t waste more time, research and book your Niagara Ice Wine tours today. With Canada’s marvelous landscapes as well as exquisite wines, you Niagara Ice Wine tour experience will provide you memories that you’ll surely cherish for a lifetime.

Ice Wine is considered as one of the rarest wines around the world. You will not be able to find it easily in your local wine shop and most likely, it’s your first time about hearing ice wine. The true wine aficionados call ice wines as the ultimate dream for all wine collectors, but only a few will ever get to experience it for themselves.

Icewine is the one that made the international wine industry sit up and get notice of what they’re doing on Niagara Falls. Decadent, lush, silky, elegant – the wine critics run out of words when trying to describe ice wines. Every passing year, the ice wines made on Niagara wineries take the top competitions and awards around the world.

Wine Tasting Tours

What makes the ice wine really unique is because of its distinctive taste. The ice wine is characterized as a taste of a very refreshing sweetness. When the ice wine grapes are frozen on the vine, the sugar and many other dissolved solids were not froze, but rather concentrated. However in case of ice wine grapes, the water is in frozen state and the grapes become dehydrated. This process is the one that contributes to ice wine’s sweet flavor.

Grapes for ice wine do freeze before they reach their fermentation stage. One interesting think about the grapes used for icewine making is that they’re not affected by Botrytis Cinerea – a kind of fungus that attacks the grapes. This would mean that the grapes used for ice wines are in good condition and healthy before they are harvested. In any kinds of grapes, only the healthiest ones, free of Botrytis Cinerea should be harvested to produce the best tasting wines, and this is the case in produce the Canadian Ice Wine.

For wine lovers, nothing can be more delightful than tasting the real, traditional Canadian ice wine sitting in the winery restaurant and completely enjoying the food and they’re able to get all those luxuries by joining the Niagara winery tours.

Aleksey Loskutov is a tour guide in Canada.



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