Discovering Iceland’s Idyllic Friðheimar Greenhouse

Visit Iceland and explore the relevance of geothermal heating in horticulture. Inhale the tomato fragrance, taste the tomato cuisine and experience the richness of the Friðheimar cultivation Centre.

It is most common that most of the visitors who travel to Iceland look for adventure. Part of the adventure is discovering the unknown places on the island. Perhaps tourism is the leading factor that has made it close to full capacity. Most tourists would prefer the services of the most trusted touring company. It is quite an adventure to discover interesting places on your own, but it is safer to have someone else track your moves.

Idyllic Friðheimar tour

The volcanic activities have led to the presence of this priceless jewel of the Atlantic. Iceland is full of culture, history, and art. The landscape showcasing its heights and the surrounding waters will hint at a rich source of delicacies and agriculture. If you are into horticulture, then you will like the idea of visiting the idyllic Friðheimar (world peace) greenhouse. This is home to the warm Mediterranean conditions in the cold climate of Iceland. If you are not lucky you might mistake the farm for a private home and miss the heart of the Golden Circle.

The civilization center

The civilization center is part of the destination at the middle of the Golden Circle: a route that is used by almost all of Iceland’s leading touring companies. The Ring road does have much to offer, but this artificial circuit leads to our interest in food sources and experience. With the aid of the geothermal heat that is in abundance in Iceland, the nation is able to utilize this energy in growing green paper, tomatoes, and cucumbers. These vegetables find their use in the historic Icelandic cuisine that includes the use of fish, lamb, and dairy. The proximity of the nation to the Atlantic Ocean makes it easy the development of wonderful recipes.

There are over 1000 varieties of tomatoes in the world, however, in this greenhouse, you get to find a unique taste. The Friðheimar greenhouse center is supplying Iceland’s tomato market on a year-round basis- this is about 18% of the tomato market share. The cultivation center has been introducing a variety of pest-free tomatoes for local use. Since 1995, the center has been striving to maintain eco-friendly standards and also reach the optimum taste quality of tomatoes.

To meet its goals, the cultivation center has been utilizing the availability of state-of-the-art technology, green energy, biological pest controls, and pure water. This is to say, the theme is to promote environmentally-friendly methods and techniques in growing horticulture. The building block of the tourist attraction is a result of building networks and improving knowledge.

The greenhouse center requires lighting systems for the growth of the plants. The artificial lighting is obtained from the “green” electricity produced by Iceland’s hydro and geothermal power plants. The greenhouses get their heat from the geothermal water at about 95°C / 203°F when it flows inside- approximately 100,000 tons per year is supplied to meet the heat requirement. Since tomatoes are close to 90% water, cold water is necessary-quality irrigation water.

You might be wondering where state-of-the-art technology comes into action. There is a need to control the humidity, temperature, lighting, and carbon dioxide for photosynthesis to take place. There is a climate-control computer system, a programmed system, for this purpose. This makes it easy to irrigate and switch from artificial to natural lighting. To make the system accessible from anywhere in the world, it is linked to an online mainframe computer.

I know it is hard to imagine how most of the tourists fit in the greenhouses’ passage, so there was a need for the atrium. You will get a special experience of being immersed in an environment of tomato fragrance. The space created holds visitors and provides tourist services; offers exhibitions on geothermal heating in relation to Icelandic horticulture. Apart from gaining an insight into horticulture and visitors get a chance of enjoying the one and only Friðheimar tomato soup served with fresh-baked bread; there are other foods such as Cucumber Salsa, Tomato Drink, and Tomato Jam.

The cultivation center is available in all seasons, but in the winter season is when you get to see the difference. During the summer season, you will get to meet the Icelandic Horse in a show offered by Friðheimar. The horse has been used from ancient times for transport and now it has been adopted as a leisure companion. The Friðheimar equestrian Centre can hold 120 spectators and has reception facilities to enhance tourist services.

There is also a stable that has room for about 40 horses in stalls. The center has been breeding its horses since 1995. It focuses on achieving good riding horses that have high graceful leg action and style, extended gaits and speed, preferably five-gaiters, and a good tölt.

When you arrive at the idyllic Friðheimar greenhouse, you get an offer of sharing an edible shot glass of tomato schnapps. When you try the Main courses, Desserts, and treats you get a natural refreshment common with vegetarians. Not to forget the fantastic tomato soup they serve at the Friðheimar restaurant- the chef has a personality that makes him the best. What will inspire you is how they manage the bees for pollination and the techniques they use to grow tomatoes.

The Friðheimar yield an average of a ton a day and the merge of expertise has made a family affair become an economic element of the island. The award-winning cultivation center has a part in improving your health in Iceland and during your Golden Circle. This gives life and a twist of approach towards achieving a complete Iceland adventure. If you are looking for a place to stop for a couple of hours for a chill-out, tomato cocktail, or warm soup, then the indoor vegetable farm is your suitable option. Many of the tourists that have done the Golden Circle will tell you that it is worth the visit.



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