Feast in Iceland

Feast in Iceland

The experience of a new and different culture can only be best felt when people travel to new places. The only way to fully assimilate all the sounds, sights, and smells is if you have a good private travel guide by your side. This will ensure that no word is misunderstood, no new place is left unvisited and no native dish is left untasted. You are ready to go.

So, are you traveling to Iceland and wondering what smells and tastes await you? Every tourist is curious as to what to expect when they get to their destinations. Let us delve into dishes that will whet your appetite when you get there.


Delicious seafood

Due to its location, it is quite easy to understand why you will encounter seafood. If you are a lover of seafood, you can be sure you will not be disappointed by the varieties of dishes you will encounter during your stay in Iceland. Of special interest is the Minke whale. Heard of it? No? Well, why not ask your private guide to take you to a restaurant for a taste? While it is easy to cast doubt about eating whales, be assured that the Minke whale is not an endangered species. You will therefore not be partaking in a meal that will wipe off an entire species. It can be presented, grilled, or skewered. Depending on the preparation, you will experience different flavors, which can range from, ‘beefy’ to tasting a little more like tuna. Precisely the reason you need a guide to lead you to the best restaurants to eat whale.


An image of skyr in a dish

If seafood sounds a little too ‘sea’ for you, how about trying skyr? Skyr is a dairy product with the consistency of strained yogurt. It presents a rich, creamy texture and will definitely be compelling to dairy product lovers. As with every culture, this unique product is unique to the Icelanders and has been in their diet for over 1,000 years. Introduced to Iceland from Norway 1,100 years ago, you can be sure a millennium of perfecting will give you an authentic and unique taste to your taste buds. Although some of the medieval meals were scraped off menus, this is one that remains. For the untrained person, you would be fooled to think you are eating a uniquely different type of yogurt. However, an expert will be sure to point out the differences in taste, texture, and even preparation. You can eat it with cereal, fish, and in fruit smoothies among others. Go on, indulge, you will definitely love it.

Fermented foods

Fermenting shark pieces

This age-old practiced has transcended through time and is still practiced in Iceland. Although not as popular as it was back in the day, you will be wonderfully surprised to discover that you can find fermented shark, herring, or skate. However, of legend are fermented eggs. This is a rare dish and finding it, takes more than walking into a restaurant. Different reviews have been given about fermented eggs and sharks, but you too can be judged. Clearly, to experience the cuisine and culture of Icelanders, you need to do more than get on a plane. You need a private tour guide. Don’t you agree?


Well prepared lamb

When it is Christmas, it really is a feast in Iceland. This traditional dish unique to Iceland is prepared by smoking lamb. What makes it unique is the method of preparation, which includes, soaking lamb leg overnight, and then slowly smoking it for at least 48 hours over dried sheep dung, letting it sit in the fridge for at least four days, and then finally poaching it. Sounds tedious? Not when you are just a visitor and come into an already prepared meal that will excite your taste buds to a whole new level. The tenderness of the lamb is guaranteed to please you. Truth be told, the preparation of this meal appeals to even people who are generally not meat lovers parse. The color and texture on the presentation makes it hard not to indulge. The soaked-up brine and smoke tastes and smells will leave you with a lasting memory. You may want to travel for the Christmas holidays just to indulge in the feast that is Hangikjöt. Most Icelanders will happily swear that this lamb dish is the best in the world. Give it a try.


Vegetable salad

If meat is a no-go zone for you, do not fret, you will find a variety of vegetables for your palate. Vegetables locally grown include Cabbage, potatoes, turnips, rutabagas, seaweed, rhubarb, wild mushrooms, and blueberries among others. You will also find cucumbers, tomatoes, and carrots, although this will be a little more pricy than the rest. This is best growing them takes special conditions; hence they may not be grown by all and sundry. As you can see, you will have a variety of vegetables to choose from. They will also be specially made into different interesting dishes that are bound to whet your appetite. Therefore, do not feel left out, all you need is to get the right information, and you can enjoy your sightseeing without worries about what to eat later.

While Icelandic cuisine heavily leans on meat and dairy products, the availability of vegetables for vegans and vegetarians is a comfort to the concerned traveler. You will come across many interesting pieces of bread made from wheat too.

Many travelers are wary of the whaling concerns that surround Iceland. Icelanders are quick to assure interested tourists that the mink whale is not endangered and encourage them to try the dishes prepared from the whale. It is difficult to make a judgment call unless you are there to make it yourself. Remember, all dishes are not a whale. Most are surrounded by a rich history that anyone would be interested to hear and learn more about. However, you cannot do this if you do not have someone who is clear on what you are eating. That is why employing the services of a private guide is essential. Otherwise, let your taste buds do their job.


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