Game of Guides: How to Create an Account, part 2

Game of Guides: How to Create an Account, part 2

In the previous part of the article we discussed how to fill out the basic information in the guide’s profile.

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Below you will learn how to make a delicious profile "stuffing" section with tours.

Section "My tours"

In this section, you need to add all of the tours that you can offer to travelers. If any of these becomes irrelevant, you can click on the button «OFF» directly below it to make it no longer displayed on the site. Under all other tours you need to click «ON».

Section My tours

How to write a correct description of your tour?

Adding a new tour, it is necessary not to only specify its language, price, number of participants and length, but also include a brief description and add some photos.

How to write a correct description of your tour?

If tours are made on a specific schedule, it also needs to be indicated in the description. Do not be greedy and add more beautiful pictures. Better if you made these by yourself.

As a result, the page with the tour will look like this:

Page with the tour

1 - General information.

2 - Description.

3 - Photos.

A little bit about how to write a description. You can use this template:

  1. A short summary that intrigues the reader and inspires him to visit this place.
The Wall is the guarantor of the protection for all inhabitants of the Seven Kingdoms from the barbarians and evil forces. Can anything make a deeper impression on the traveler than a visit to Westeros main protective structure?
  1. A reason why the tourist must visit this place namely with you. This paragraph can be moved to the end of the description.
“I've spent 8 years on the Wall, and I can guarantee the safety of the travelers”.
  1. Entertainment program. Think of what questions or concerns can have a tourist when reading each item. Try to immediately answer them.

The program of the tour includes:

  • Walk through the secret passages of the Wall.
  • Inspection of siege engines which are used to protect the Wall from wildlings attacks.
  • Access to novice training fights. You will see what converts inexperienced youths in the harsh warriors of the Night’s Watch.
  • Snack in the Night’s Watch dining room. The first and second course at your choice are included in the tour’s price.
  • Meeting the Giants. They are my old friends, and therefore they will not be against mingling with the guests."
  1. Tours schedule, if available.

Do not turn the description of the tour into a typical advertisement. There is no need to impose anything. Give all of the necessary information and mention some "juicy" details. It will be enough.

Filling out the description, do not be afraid to write a lot, as its size is not limited, and is important for tourists to get as much information as possible about each tour.

Remember that information about your tours is available not only in the search on the website, but also through the search engines. Therefore, leave your personal and unique descriptions. In this case, their position between the search results will be higher and more tourists will know about your tours.

Advice. Whenever you open the site, other users see your status "online" once you have entered your profile. Tourists who are looking for guides to a city, may indicate that they are looking only for candidates who at the moment are "online". Therefore, keeping the site open, you increase the chance of getting a new order.


A profile photo and information about the tours can provide all the data necessary for the tourist to make a decision about choosing a guide. Soon an additional functionality will be shown on our website, links to social networks, videos, and more. This we will describe separately.

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  • Carmen Diaz 21:02 19.06.2016

    Mary Lopez Tourist Guide freelanc Split Croatia. [email protected]

  • Martin Schulz 15:44 29.04.2016

    The tour length is measured in hours. This is not suitable for a several days' trip. When entering 192 hours for my 8-day-trip I get a format error upon upload.

  • John Doe 21:53 20.04.2016

    Brilliant! Will apply it to my own tours which are " A LA CARTE " in the Southwest of the US.

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