Puebla: enclosure of volcanoes

Puebla: enclosure of volcanoes

The city of los Angeles

Known as "The city of los Angeles", Puebla is a place rich in culture and sites to see, but what is most striking is that it lies between 4 volcanoes, all of them are stunning and you provided the possibility to walk them, experience that few come to have in life.

To begin is La Malintzi or Malinche, ranked as the fifth of Mexico's highest volcano, is a protected natural area that serves as a resort where there are camping areas and once there you can see the Canyon of San Juan and an ancient crater, in addition to more than 6 species of pine trees and many animals.

Popocatepetl, surprised villagers recently less than a month to erupt, is ideal to visit them months between November and March the hand of a tourist guide can make hiking, mountaineering, horse riding and camping. Remember before you go check your activity. It is the volcano Iztaccihuatl. That is on your side and you can do same activities.

Finally you have to the imposing peak Orizaba, to which many climbers visit to meet the challenge of reaching the top, for non-professionals with a guide can make excursions, bike tours and spend an unforgettable night.

Explored once rock formations, a good idea is to explore the historic centre of Puebla, declared world heritage by Unesco, can do it walking or using the turibus, in this you will see a large sample of Baroque architecture, the Cathedral, the chapel of the Rosary, considered the eighth wonder of the modern world, as much of its decoration made in gold.

If you want to see in detail the city's streets is better walk in, along of its nearly 400 blocks are distributed 2 thousand 600 historical monument, as the Autonomous University of Puebla.

A place out of a fairy tale is the ex-hacienda of Chautla, an ancient castle built in 1898 and which currently receives hundreds of tourists, once inside you can explore it complete, camping in the surrounding area, walk along its track for mountain bikes, jump the zip lines, rowing in canoes, making fishing trout, archery and climbing and sport all with the support of specialized guides. In addition, it has become the perfect place to get married or do special meetings.

You carry handicrafts of Puebla, you have to visit the market, El Parian, located only two blocks from the zocalo, there are 100 places that offer you beautiful high quality and unique products, and the best thing is that it is open every day.

And if you're looking for is sweeten you the day in the city there is a whole street with 40 establishments engaged in the sale of desserts rich you can imagine, such as the coconut, throats and jamoncillos. And to close the day relax on the wheel of fortune, to see high throughout the city and then walk by the artificial lakes and gardens that surround it.

Going to museums, like many Mexican cities, Puebla has five campuses aimed at culture, the most impressive design is the international Baroque Museum, which brings together the best artistic expression of this art worldwide in its 11 rooms, as well as having space destined for the restaurant, Auditorium, restaurant and museography.

Similarly, the Regional Museum, shows the history of the city, has been its evolution up to how they live now. As headquarters of international exhibitions serves the Amparo Museum, which also displays 1300 works of virreinal art, 1700 archaeological pieces and finally as a recreation of the life of the secluded nuns, opened the Museum of religious art, formerly convent of Santa Monica, there are dozens of paintings and sculptures.

Puebla also boasts 2 archaeological zones and Cholula, Cantona, the first will see the great pyramid dedicated to the God of rain and is considered the world's largest pyramid basement with more than 400 metres per side. Cantona has small samples of a population that lived in this cold place.

After visiting the area of Cholula, low to his people where you can stay for one to two days, and you get to know the "House of Knight of the Eagle", known as the Museum of the city, go to the convent San Gabriel, but the real challenge is to go to all his churches, because it is said that it has 365 (one for each day of the year). You could make a very original calendar!

A very peculiar, and unique insurance site is container city, a small town made with containers that are used as shops, restaurants, cafes, bars and galleries, among others. There you'll see very innovative things and spend an unforgettable time.

If you are traveling with family we recommend the blue water Spa, there are different pools with water from La Malinche volcano that have sulfur and alum are medicinal and also are flowing, which makes them more natural.

Similarly, visit African Safari, will be a memory that will endure for years, since from a bus and a truck you can closely see giraffes, Tigers, zebras, Lions and deer, among other species.

You can not go from Puebla without before to get their cable car, opened this year (2016) and inside its cabins 40 meters you will see differently the volcanoes Iztaccihuatl and Popocatepetl, the Cathedral, the stadium and an exuberant nature.



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