Sylhet: The face of Modern Bangladesh

Sylhet: The face of Modern Bangladesh

The first concern of many tourists planning to visit Bangladesh is probably the horrible congestion and pollutions. If you have pictured Bangladesh as an overpopulated, poor country; Sylhet is going to change your mindset forever. Situated on the bank of river Surma, this is the most serene and tranquil divisional capital of Bangladesh. If you visit Sylhet once, you are bound to come back over and over again. Hiring a private guide in Sylhet will give you many added advantages during your trip.


Located on the northeast of Bangladesh, Sylhet is surrounded by two large states of India namely Assam and Meghalaya. Best way to reach Sylhet is through the airway. It takes about 8 to 9 hours bus or train journey to reach Sylhet from Dhaka.


Sylhet is very different to all other places in Bangladesh. Most of the people here are highly educated. Bangladeshi expatriates living in the U.S. or United Kingdom are mostly of Sylhet origin. Spending their huge remittance, Sylhet has become the epitome of modern Bangladesh. The quality of the hotel and restaurants are highly admired by the local and foreign tourists. Your private guide will make all the necessary arrangements to get you into one of these luxurious hotels. Sylhet is characterized by its vast tea gardens, tropical forests housing exotic plants and animals, large water bodies, rainy environment and a very soothing and friendly atmosphere. One of the most interesting things about Sylhet is its aboriginal population. With the help of your private guide, you can learn about the lifestyle, customs, rites and rituals of these wonderful people.

Main Attractions

Tea Gardens

Many tourists visit Sylhet to have a glance at the mesmerizing carpet of tea gardens. The place is locally known as the “Land of two leaves and a bud”. Your private guide will show you around the tea research institute and the tea states. The largest tea state in the world is in fact located in Sree Mangal. “The Grand Sultan Tea Resort and Golf Garden” is also located here. The tea states are the only source of living of many people here. Every year, Bangladesh earns huge amount of foreign money through exporting processed tea. The smell of the tea leaves and the peaceful environment of the gardens will fill your mind with joy. To get through the mist and riddles of the gardens you must visit with a private tour guide.

Shrine of Hazrat Shah Jalal

Majority of the population of Sylhet are practicing Muslims and for them, the Shrine of Hazrat Shah Jalal holds a special place. Thousands of people come every day to pay respect at his shrine. He was one of the most influential Islamic preachers of the 14th century. The majestic main gate of the shrine is known as the “Dargah Gate”. The site is located about 1 kilometer away from the city center. If you are with a guide, he will show you an ancient mosque situated on the left hand side of the main entrance gate. The space around the tomb is illuminated with candles in the evening, which creates an eerie and supernatural environment.


Besides the obvious tea garden, the hill station of Jaflong also has a host of tourist attraction sites. The gorgeous Madhabkunda waterfall attracts thousands of local and foreign visitors. Most of the stones that are used for construction work are collected from here.

Ratargul Forest

Located in Guainghat Upazilla, the Ratargul is the one and only fresh water swamp you’ll find in Bangladesh. Although its area has been significantly shrunk, still it remains as one of the key tourist attractions. It is a sanctuary for different species of birds, reptiles, monkeys etc. The green trees above and the crystal clear water below creates such a magnificent combination that even the most disinterested eye is bound to fall in love with this place.


The most interesting thing about this place is that water takes different colors at different locations. It is located in Jainatpur Upazilla, which is particularly famous for its megalithic archeological ruins. Your tour guide can show you around the “Lalkhal Tea Garden”, vast range of mountains and green water river. It is situated 44 kilometers from the main city center.


Bisnakandi is probably the most beautiful village of Bangladesh. The deep and dark clouds hugging the mountains during the rainy season create an unbelievable scene. The dancing clouds and high mountainous region will simply blow your mind away. This is also one of the principal sources of rocks and boulders used for construction. You should avoid visiting the place in the winters when these materials are processed and carried by boats. Rainy season is the perfect time to visit this gorgeous village.

Before ending your tour, your guide will also take you to the following places if time allows.

  • Tanguar Haor
  • Jadukata
  • Khadimnagar Rain forest
  • Sathchori National Forest
  • Temple of Sri Chaitanya Dev
  • Tribal Villages
  • Shah Jalal university of science and technology
  • Lawacherra Rain Forest


The hotels of Sylhet, catering the local as well as foreign tourists, offer far superior facilities than most other places in Bangladesh. You’ll find some of the largest and the most luxurious hotels here in Sylhet. Your guide will make all the necessary arrangements to get you into one of these hotels without overstretching your budget. For comfortable and convenient stay, you can select from any of the following hotels.

  • Grand Sultan Tea Resort and Golf Garden
  • Rose View Hotel
  • Nirvana Inn
  • Hotel Star Pacific
  • Dusai Resort and Spa

If you are a little short on budget, then you can also stay in small and medium sized hotels.



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