Souvenirs from China

Souvenirs from China

Chinese souvenirs

Rich, mysterious culture, and ancient history of China has always attracted tourists from all over the world. There are so many curious things about China like bright Chinese holidays, lush national clothes, unusual traditions, delicious cuisine, and way of life that is full of symbolism. All these things will be unforgettable for every tourist. For these lasting memories, we take a little bit of this magnificence with us by collecting souvenirs and gifts. We ask ourselves, what kind of presents should we get for our friends and relatives to successfully bring them the spirit and local flavor of China? What souvenirs will tell a better story about your journey through this ancient country? You can find the most comprehensive recommendations on purchasing souvenirs and gifts in this article from your Private Guide in China.

One of the most recognizable souvenirs from China is a handheld fan. It is colorful, beautiful and big, and can be easily transported folded. However, when opened and hanged on the wall, it makes an amazing impression adding oriental tones to the atmosphere of the room.

Chinese paper umbrellas and handheld fans were used by Chinese fashionistas since ancient times. These umbrellas, designed to protect from the sun, usually served as an accessory to a woman's wardrobe. Just like the present-day woman would never leave her house without a handbag, beautiful ladies of ancient China never went for a walk without an umbrella.

China is the homeland of silk. Production of this remarkable material is well-developed. A lot of work and science research were devoted to improving its quality. Chinese silk is certainly the best fabric in the world. Therefore, you cannot leave the country without buying a silk bathrobe, bed linen, or a set of shirts made of silk as an authentic souvenir. Beijing invites tourists to take a tour through the silk factory where everyone can discover the secrets of the silk production process and buy some souvenirs made of silk. However, you can find silk products at much cheaper prices on the streets of the capital! Simply check some specialized stores for their silk goods prices, and you will discover that the silk factory is more of an attraction sight rather than a real factory or a silk store. Ask your private guide about the locations of the best quality silk shops, and you will definitely save money and be just as satisfied with the quality.

China has another great invention called porcelain. Dishes, figurines, pitchers, vases and many other elegant things made of the best porcelain will become a great gift to friends and relatives.

Real sources of true aesthetic pleasure are the delightful examples of Chinese traditional paintings. Beautiful natural landscapes, or scenes from the life of Chinese people, on these paintings usually were accompanied by brief verse lines revealing the author's idea to the viewer. During the thousands-year history of the country, Chinese traditional paintings reflected changes in the social and cultural life of the Celestial Empire.

Take an excursion to the pearl factory in Beijing. There are several floors of pearl market in the building of that factory where you will see vast shopping areas full of necklaces, bracelets, earrings and other beautiful things made of sea and river pearls. You can easily buy a modest souvenir, or a real expensive gift here, because the selection of goods is huge.

A significant place in Chinese culture is taken in by a beautiful and symbolic tradition like the tea ceremony. You can purchase accessories for this ceremony. For example, elegant teapots for brewing tea, tea tables, and tea cups make perfect gifts to friends. But the most popular souvenir is Chinese tea. The taste and aroma is well-known all around the world! Diversity of the kinds of traditional Chinese tea is absolutely amazing and can be classified into five categories: green, black, flavored, Oolong, and Pu'er. Pu'er tea is the most expensive tea in the world and can become more and more expensive with age, just like wine. Blooming teas are made from a tea bud and when placed into boiling water turns into a beautiful large flower with a stunning aroma.

Please notice a list of the most famous sorts of tea below that can become an excellent gift for your friends and loved ones.

  • Longjing tea “Dragon Well” produced in the Hangzhou and Zhejiang provinces
  • Biluochun tea “Emerald Spring Snail” - produced in the Taihu, Jiangsu provinces
  • Maofeng tea “Fur Peak” - from Mt. Huangshan in Anhui
  • Tieguanyin tea “Iron Goddess” - produced in the Anxi, Fujian
  • Yinzhen tea “Sliver Needle” - from Mt. Jun, Hunan
  • Qi Men Hong black tea - produced in the Qimen County, Anhui
  • Maojian tea “Fur Tip” - produced in the Xinyang, Henan
  • Liu’an Guapian tea “Mellon Seed” - produced in the Liuan County, Anhui
  • Duyun Maojian tea “Fur Tip” - from Duyun Mountain in Guizhou
  • Pu’er tea - produced in the Simao, Yunnan

Your private guide will highly recommend one more magnificent and stylish gift - traditional ethnic clothing of China. Amazing jackets and blouses are perfect for everyday wear at the office or home, as well as bathrobes that look great on every beautiful lady.

You can choose from traditional Chinese medicine as a miraculous present from the mysterious East. Pharmacological medicines are mainly made from herbs and roots of plants and have favorable effects on your health raising the tonus and immunity.

Chinese alcohol has a vivid specific taste. It is usually infused with various ingredients like berries, plant roots, snakes, and scorpions. You can buy elite alcoholic beverages such as the famous "Maotai" vodka. This drink has a centuries-old history and priced from $200 to $2,000 USD.

According to Chinese beliefs, there are a great number of souvenirs, trinkets, and amulets that can bring you good luck, wealth, health and whatever else you want in life. You can choose from statuettes of gods, figurines of dragons, frogs, and all kinds of Buddha images.

Chinese national dolls also may draw your attention. These dolls are dressed in colorful Chinese traditional clothes and look quite lovely. This kind of gift will be appreciated by beauty connoisseurs and children.

You can also face some interesting authentic Chinese things. Tanka is a Buddhist icon depicting scenes from the life of Buddha as well as various landscapes and nature. Paintings on the wooden plates are made by cutting and drawing. Usually Chinese people present them to each other with the wishes of happiness and wealth.

Wooden Calabash is believed to be a talisman, that absorbs negative energy and prolong the life of the owner.

The Chinese love to launch kites! This ancient invention is incredibly popular in the country and kites are usually made in the form of a dragon, phoenix, or giant eagle from the myths and legends of China. You can find kites of all sizes forms and colors, so be sure to buy a couple and your children will be fascinated with this great souvenir.

Ask your private guide for more ideas for buying gifts, and he will surely remind you about Feng-Shui, the Chinese system of harmonizing human with the surrounding environment. This system has a lot of beautiful and stylish accessories that you can present to your friends. For example, a hanging set of sticks, bells of glass, and metal that produce melodious sounds with the blow of the wind. This music is believed to protect houses from evil spirits and bring good luck.

You should buy a soft toy or figurine of a Chinese panda. The panda is a rare Bamboo Bear and a national symbol of China. This toy will become a wonderful souvenir, as well as a cute toy for your child.

You can buy several Jianzhi (剪纸) as a gift to your friends. These are traditional Chinese paper-cutting designs that are mainly red in color. The ancient art of paper-cutting is as old as paper itself. It emerged almost one and half thousand years ago, and since then, Jianzhi designs have a heavy emphasis on Chinese characters symbolizing the Chinese zodiac animals. In these beautiful cuttings, Chinese people presented each other with the wishes of happiness, good luck, and well-being. The making Jianzhi designs is especially popular during the holidays and special events like the Chinese New Year or weddings. Such a beautiful souvenir will definitely be appreciated by true connoisseurs of Eastern culture, or lovers of stylish things.

There are a lot of handmade souvenirs of animals or fish made of threads that can be hung by ribbon to any kind of hook. It is amazing to see the skill and assiduity of the craftsmen to make such a beautiful thing. People say that one can judge a nation by its handcrafted products.

Chopsticks also can become a good gift, although you can buy a couple in any part of the world. But in their homeland, China, chopsticks are the real piece of art! Each pair is provided with a case as bright, lush, and luxurious as if it contained a jewel.

A significant special gift, which even a Chinese native would not refuse, is an authentic mask from the Beijing Opera. This fascinating art emerged in China more than two hundred years ago. These days, the masks unusually popular among the educated intelligentsia of the country. Colorful masks, expressing all kinds of feelings and emotions, are on sale in an entire range of colors and sizes! You can even perform a small show using these masks!

Computer accessories are cheap and good-looking souvenirs. Rugs, mice, and cases for a phone decorated in Chinese tradition style are available computer accessories for purchase.

You have an opportunity to order a personal stamp with a hieroglyph that will express your personality. Personal stamps are often used in China to sign documents, in addition to the signatures and company seals. Owning a Chinese personal stamp will remind you of your trip to a distant country in the East.




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