Trekking and Mountain Climbing in Tanzania

Trekking and Mountain Climbing in Tanzania
31 AUG 2017

Tired of your hectic schedule and want a change to rejuvenate yourself? Planning to relax by going to a distant place? Why not consider the beautiful landscape of Tanzania? Here, you will surely enjoy every moment with many different activities available outdoors. If you have the physical strength and love challenging adventures, I suggest you try trekking and mountain climbing in Tanzania and reap fruitful benefits later – both mentally and physically!

As one of the most diverse and largest countries in Africa, Tanzania is a home of remarkable beauty. Together with Kenya and Botswana, it is considered as one of the most popular and top destinations in Africa for trekking and mountaineering. Here, you are sure to find exciting outdoor activities, offering the best wildlife trips. The contrasts of Tanzania are notable, from huge gaming view in the Ngorongoro Crater or on the plains of the Serengeti to relaxing on the hot white sand beaches of Zanzibar to trekking to the peak of Mt. Kilimanjaro.

Trekking tours in Tanzania

For people who are looking for more active outdoor experience in Tanzania, trekking has always been a popular choice. With so many options available, you will definitely have the urge to stay longer in this place.

Discover the unique nature of the intact forests or walk through the Masai with the inherited land – trekking is a perfect means to experience the spectaculars of the magnificent mountain ranges and region of Tanzania. Not only that! The place allows you to view the beautiful scenery and wonderful nature. Whether you pace through the luxurious forests on the foothills for some hours or simply set foot on the peaks of the amazing mountains in Tanzania, the trekking experience offers unique memories and enjoyment for everyone. The Lakes and the craters, the high plateaus, the mountain ranges, and the volcanoes are all offering superb opportunities for long but fun treks.

We have listed some of the interesting trekking destinations for your Tanzania trip.

  • Kilimanjaro: The Marangu Route

You can experience trekking and hiking through alpine meadows and forests, staying in a mountain cabin, watching the sunrise behind Mawenzi Peak and reaching the highest point in Africa, which is only available in Kilimanjaro – Marangu Route! Along with your family members or set of friends, explore every bit of nature for a more satisfying trekking experience.

  • The Kilimanjaro Summit and Safari

If you want to trek through microclimates, stay overnight inside the solar-powered cabins, see diverse wildlife and discover the culture of Chagga, hiking in Kilimanjaro Summit and Safari is such a wise decision.

  • Mt. Kilimanjaro: The Machame Route

Plan your trip in Tanzania together with the best mountain climbing and trekking tours experience. Going to Mt. Kilimanjaro Machame Route for your hiking trip means experiencing good acclimatisation conditions, viewing Kersten, Rebmann and Heim glaciers, catching the first view of the sunrise over Africa and reaching Uhuru – the Roof of Africa. Team up with a professional tour guide to take advantage of your tour packages!

  • The Ngorongoro Crater

If you are a certified animal lover, then Ngorongoro Crater trekking is perfect for you. The crater acts as a normal amphitheatre. Its steep walls signify that it is a home to some of the unique species. In addition, the region is home to two remarkable lakes – Lake Empakai and Lake Natron and the gorgeous Great Rift Valley.

  • The Gorilla Trekking Tour

Want a more exciting Tanzania trekking experience? Why not try the Gorilla trekking in Rwanda? Once you step into a sheer trail through a quiet farming area, you will surely get amazed with its charming forests and other spectacular views. The majesty of the dawn’s radiance pierces through the emerald, luxurious meadow.

Mountain climbing tours in Tanzania

Your Tanzania tour will be incomplete without climbing some of the highest mountains. If you are one of those who love excitements and adventures, mountaineering should be included in your tour list. Many prefer climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro – the highest peak in Africa, while others try to discover the scenery and natural beauty of Mt. Meru.

The climb is always filled with escapade as you encounter various animals on the way up. Each mountain’s scenery is very amazing even if you haven’t reached the peak yet. As soon as you reach the peak, you’ll definitely be blown away by their beautiful snow-capped peaks.

When planning your next trip in Tanzania, don’t forget to include these destinations for a spectacular mountain climbing experience.

  • Mt. Hanang

Standing at 3418m, Mt. Hanang ranked fourth as the highest mountain in Tanzania. It is also a central landmark in the area of Hanang. This place is populated by the two leading ethnic groups – the Iraqw and the Barbaig. Bring your friends or relatives with you when climbing Mt. Hanang and together, have a fun, thrilling mountaineering experience.

  • Mt. Oldonyo Lengai

For an incredible game viewing and cultural encounters, it is recommended to explore the natural beauty of Mt. Oldonyo Lengai. By taking this trip, you’ll have the opportunity to see the flamingo breeding center while reaching the summit of this wonderful mountain.

  • Mt. Kilimanjaro

Popularly known as one of the magnificent sights and the highest mountain in Africa, Mt. Kilimanjaro has been capturing the interest of many mountaineering enthusiasts. In fact, it is the top choice of many when it comes to mountain climbing. Only few mountains can claim the magnificent, majesty views of the Rift Valley, the Masaal Steppe and the Amboseli National Park, that belongs to Kilimanjaro.

  • Mt. Meru

A spectacular mountain sited in Arusha National Park, Mt Meru is surrounded by a forest and savannah. It is the home of more than four-hundred species of leopards, monkeys and birds. Though you will not get to climb an active and historical volcano, you are guaranteed to experience something greater.

A trip to Tanzania makes trekking and mountain climbing a requirement. No tour to the expedition filled Tanzania is complete without hiking and climbing its wonderful mountains. So the next time you plan for the next trip you want, it is best to discover the trekking destinations and mountains of Tanzania. Invite your family or friends and explore each bit of scenery!



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