Unique ways to save money on your African Safari

There are so many hot safari destinations in Africa that tourists can visit. These destinations are scattered all over the continent and there are lots of interesting sights, game reserves, and wildlife to see. In order to ensure you get what you actually planned for, it is good to find ways to cut costs while also achieving your goal. Here, we will examine some easy ways you can save money while on your safari visit to Africa. They may look simple but are very important and will help you maximize the few days or weeks you may be staying in Africa.

Let us go through them one after the other.

1. Use a private tour guide

It is important for you to use private tour guides as this will enable you to maximize the time you have available and save money. These private tour operators know the best deals available, the best places to see, and the cheaper and still comfortable accommodation facilities, and they will also be able to get you good bargains and discounts. You may also need them to help you communicate with the local people without having to pay extra for an interpreter.

Private tour guides also can organize events that will make your trip a more personal experience for you and your family. As you know, every business has secrets so there are also informed local private tour guides that will make your stay more enjoyable and pleasant without leaving a deep hole in your pocket. Another additional benefit of using tour guides will prevent you from falling short of the laws of a particular country as they know what the rules and regulations are.

2. Plan ahead of time

Before embarking on your trip to Africa, it will be advisable to plan adequately for your stay. Planning should include accommodation, the number of days to be spent in a particular, cost of living, and other things that may be important to you.

3. Plan for flexible accommodation options

When planning to travel to Africa, you may consider the budget for a few days in the lodge and some other nights sleeping in a safari camp. It is also fun for tourists who love company and seek an opportunity to mingle with other visitors all night long. You can ask your tour guide more about this.

4. Do not go for the brand names only

Most tourists coming to Africa choose to work with big tour operators who have developed a brand but it is sometimes good to also consider the not-so-big or well-known tour companies or safari camps. They can still offer a wonderful experience if you give them the opportunity.

5. Get good deals on your accommodation

Some hotels or lodges offer discount rates on special days and nights so get as much information as you can about these programs before or when you arrive. You could save a lot of money just from these discounts offered to tourists.

6. Work with your tour operator

It is good if you work with the tour operator you have chosen to develop a budget that will meet your planned safari visit. This will enable the tour operator to look out for the best deals that will suit you and still be within your budget. Developing a budget with the tour operator will enable you to know whether to increase or reduce it. It will also help you remove unnecessary expenses from your list early on before embarking on the trip. A realistic budget worked out with your tour operator will save you a lot of stress.

Another advantage of working with tour operators is that you will be constantly on the move to see several places of interest and this will benefit the communities as there would be an inflow of cash for services and goods provided to tourists thus boosting economic activities in those areas.

7. Choose cheaper transportation

Road transport during your safari visit will cut your costs greatly but most tourists. Visitors especially from Europe also prefer to drive themselves so as to enable them to plan their own movements and stop wherever they want to see things that are of interest to them. This will also help you free up cash that can be used to visit more places of interest. Those who opt to fly to view wildlife should be prepared to spend a lot more than if they were to use road transport.

8. Plan your visits

It is cheaper and more cost-effective to focus on one area or country during a visit than traveling to many places during a short visit. This will save money for you and enable you to have time to enjoy the moment instead of rushing in order to move on to another state or country. It would be best if you choose an area that has a lot of the sights you and your family really want to experience and enjoy the moment.

9. Travel as a group

Sometimes it is cheaper and better if you travel as a group. This helps you get good deals for your safari visit. A lot of hotels, transport companies, and tour operators will give you discounts for group travel.

10. Travel off-peak seasons

It is possible to save lots of money if you plan your safari visit during the off-peak seasons. These are periods when fewer tourists are coming in from all around the world. It is estimated that visitors could save as much as 40% if they travel during off-peak seasons. You can get good off-season deals if traveling to South Africa between the months of May – September.


During this period, it is dry and sunny in the northern safari areas which is a good period to see wildlife easily. If you plan to visit Kenya or Tanzania and desire to get some good deals, safari tour experts suggest that you work towards visiting during the first two weeks of December as the period is usually quiet.


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