Avignon: a small sample of the French

Avignon Attractions

Charm close to the Mediterranean Sea in France, lies the small town of Avignon, which boasts various monuments declared patrimony of the humanity by Unesco and which deserves to be visited for at least a week.

The first place to make your photographs is the Palace of the popes, the world's largest Gothic monument, once within its walls you have more than twenty places to visit, including the Hart room, the Hall of audiences and the parade ground. In some of them stunning multimedia presentations are made and visits are guided with audio in more than 10 languages.

There is inside the Cathedral of our Lady of Avignon, a building dating back to the 12th century and that stands out for an impressive statue in gilded lead of the Virgin that is located at the top of the Bell Tower, say its inhabitants is in charge of protecting the city. In addition, you can enter to the Museum of the Petit Palais with samples of art worthy of being admired.

After a day in this Palace, you can go to the Bénézet bridge, located on the Rondano River, although not full because of floodwater from the river that destroyed so many years ago, surprised labour engineering with their perfect bows made with stones. From there it is a good place to see the beautiful scenery and you can also enter the chapel where he was buried St. Bènezet.

Sightseeing in Avignon

Other spaces required when we do tourism are the museums, in Avignon are the Calvet Museum, where archaeological pieces, sculptures and paintings, and has meet with permanent and temporary exhibitions throughout the year.

In the same way the Museum of natural sciences Esprit Requien, belonging to the Calvet Foundation, it has the night of museums in which a curator and Collections Manager answers all questions of the present, as well as from large samples of geology, zoology and botany.

A tour of the city walls of Avignon, covering more than 4 thousand meters is part history of the city. Sent to be built by the Popes in the 14th century, still has 39 towers and several huge doors that you can portray you.

In the Centre of the city the Church of San Pedro, located in the square with the same name, is it can only come when there is mass, so, if you don't have the possibility of knowing it inside, its façade and impressive and their wooden doors worth appreciate them.

Nearby is the clock square, where several cafés and pubs are concentrated for a drink in the evenings and during the December holidays is a beautiful market space. You can not stop going to live the night life of the city.

To know well town historical worth making the path of dry cleaners, characterized by an excellent signage that will help you to know the location of the main streets, in some parts of the route you will see a small Creek, and old mill-wheels that once were used to take advantage of the water.

Of course to do this route does not require any cost unless you want to enter any of the sights, not just go to the tourist office you can and ask for a detailed route map you can start your tour.

During the summer, specifically from 6 to July 24, the international Theater Festival takes place, in the course of several days everything changes and in each of the corners of Avignon breathes art this year the event celebrates its 70th anniversary and will be carried out more than 40 shows in 20 different places such as squares, chapels and the monumental Palace of the Popes. In addition to lectures and discussions of readings and ideas.

And if it is food you should not go to the covered market of food the Halles, where 40 sellers offer local products including fruits, vegetables, cheeses, wine, fish and dried meats. Only closed on Mondays, and as a personal touch has different booths where local chefs prepare delicious dishes before your eyes and you can for a few days receive kinds of Provencal cuisine, a culinary experience that you must live.



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