How a tour guide can create an account and add tours?

In our infographics we talked about how the guides can sign up to the Service, fill out or edit their profile, upload photos and add tours. We also answered the most common questions that usually have users.

You can sign up on Private Guide with Facebook or Twitter, and if you do not have accounts in these social networks, follow our advice "Filling out the profile in 9 steps".

Filling out the profile in 9 steps

Step 1

Select the form for guides by clicking on the icon (1). Identify yourself (2 and 3), enter your e-mail address (4), so that we can inform you about orders or messages from users. Create a log in password (5), enter a captcha (6) using uppercase or lowercase characters depending on the image, and click "sign up" (7).

Step 2

Now you are a Service member. We are glad to see you at the Private Guide! We will send a welcome letter to your e-mail address with a link to your profile. You can enter your profile by the link or directly from the site.

Step 3

We spoke about how to choose the right photo, say interesting things about yourself and your tours in detail in our blog. Now we’ll give you a simple procedure and tell why you need some of the features.

All data is divided into private (can be seen only by you and site administration), and the public one (displayed for all users).

Step 4

Private information has two functions. First, it is necessary for the guide’s convenience. Agreeing on a tour, you don’t need to enter every time phone numbers, e-mail or your web site address (3). Enter this information in your profile and simply add to the message. Second, the Service administration can easily contact you if necessary.

You can specify multiple contact phone numbers (1) or e-mail addresses (2) by selecting the field "Add".

Step 5

Enter the languages you use for your tours (1), choose a payment currency from the list (one or more) (2). Fill out the field "About me" (3). Select the cities in which you make tours (4). If you're ready to make tours all across the country, enter only the country name. If necessary, add other countries (5), and do not forget to save the description (6).

Step 6

Now go to the tours. To create the first one, select the field "My excursions" (1) and click "Add new" (2).

Step 7

The first tour was created. Make a description. To do this, click the symbol in the lower right corner (see the figure below).

Step 8

In the menu that opens, enter the name of the tour (1), add a description (2) and the language in which you are ready to make it (3). In the next field, enter a price and select a currency from the list (4), which need the customers to pay with. Specify the group capacity which you can work to (5), duration of the tour (6) and save the description (7).

Step 9

If you temporarily do not follow one of the tours, remove it from public access by clicking "Hide" (1). To make it available again, click on "Publish" button that appears in the same window. You can permanently delete a tour by clicking “X” (2). To add a new trip, select "Add new" (3). In our Service you can publish an unlimited number of tours.

How to add photos to the site?

The principle of placing photos in the profile and the tours section is the same.

Step 1

Click on the icon. A menu appears which prompts you to select photos from your computer. Select an image and click "Open".

Step 2

The Service will offer to edit the image border (this can be done by moving the mouse over the photo) (1). Next, click the check box in the lower right corner (2).

Step 3

You can upload an unlimited number of photos to the excursion section. To do this, click the empty icon, repeat the procedure from the preceding paragraph and save the information about the tour by clicking "Save". Only one picture can be added to the profile.

Sign up with Facebook

Step 1

In the first menu select a social network. In the window that appears enter your e-mail address and password of your Facebook account, click "Log in".

Step 2

According to the data entered the Service will find the page and prompt you to sign in under your name. To confirm, click OK.

Step 3

In the menu that appears enter that you are a guide (1), enter your e-mail address (2) and then click "Continue" (3).

Step 4

Sign up is completed. Your profile will appear in the Service. To fill it, use the general instructions, starting with step 3.

Sign up with Twitter

Click "Sign up" and choose a social network. Allow access to the Service to your account. Then the procedure is the same as when signing up with Facebook.



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