Let yourself be seduced by the charm of Bruges

Let yourself be seduced by the charm of Bruges

The triangular-roofed houses and its beautiful canals make Bruges one of the best preserved medieval cities in Europe. Despite its small size the day you pass it will be unforgettable.

This village of Belgium, is now one of the most visited on the European continent, its historic center is a world heritage listed by Unesco, and in three days you can explore its streets cobbled for then, if you like, visit Brussels.

Among the places you can visit the Plaza Mayor, is known as the Grote Markt, surrounded by beautiful cafes and restaurants, you also have several interesting buildings to see, they bidden you carriages where you can move, worthy of Kings, and at night its lighting gives it a welcoming air. If you're a Saturday do not miss the mercadito in the street where you will find interesting things.

Once there you can go to the Bell Tower of Belfort, a vantage point that will allow you to see the city in all its glory at a height of 83 meters, to get up you must do for ladder and climb more than 300 steps.

At the time this work was used to warn the residents of potential problems. It has an imposing clock with 47 bells still strike the hour all locals and tourists and those who enter the can see all their operating mechanism.

Following with the squares the Burg, is surrounded by important government buildings such as the courthouse and City Hall, as well as the Basilica of the Holy Blood, striking for being located in a corner, it has 8 statues of medieval knights who protect it and inside there is a relic that attracts many people, and is few drops of the blood of Christ that saves.

If churches of our Lady it is, it is the most famous witch, which has among its attractions the 122-metre Tower, the highest in Belgium. Once inside you will appreciate beautiful works of art such as "the Madonna with child", by Miguel Ángel, made in white marble, as well as the mausoleums of Mary of Burgundy and Carlos the foolhardy.

A very romantic walk is which is made by the channels, a mini cruise lasting almost an hour, you will pass unforgettable bridges, beautiful gardens, no doubt you'll see a way to see Bruges from a different angle.

Another visit which you should not miss is the 4 Mills, located in the Park of Kruisvest, where it is pleasant to take a walk walking or bicycling. Some Mills remain in operation by it that lets you know how they work and see its interior. There are others that take a picture in this place, will be an unforgettable memory.

A site as something out of a novel by Agatha Christie is the Minnewater and the Beguinage area, this was the place of Congregation of women religious, there you can make different trips.

If museums are in Bruges there are several that have to enter: these are: the archaeological with various interactive exhibits that you move to the past, what makes it interesting is that once you finish your course you must solve a puzzle related to the time you just visit, which will test your attention and concentration.

Diamond, opened in 1999, Museum will offer exquisite jewels where highlights this precious stone. It is worth visiting it since you'll learn about its history, characteristics, different extraction methods and polishing, synthetic diamonds, you will meet the robot "Boris" able to manufacture diamonds from graphite and know what are the quality controls carried out to certify the value of each stone.

For its part the Memling Museum, which was once a hospital, has a room "medical", where you'll see antique instruments, utensils and materials, as well as a patients room and pharmacy.

Another area that delights to enjoy them the art is the collection of works such as the retable of San Juan Bautista and San Juan Evangelista, the mourning of Christ, or the sanctuary of Santa Ursula, as well as Flemish painting, among others.

If you are a lover of beer, De Halve Maan, the last family business of this drink in the city, in it there are visits with specialized guides that explain about malt and hops, you will do tastings, will see its Museum and at the restaurant, there are dozens of dishes made with local beer Brugse Zot, elaborated in the tavern.

You know that... Bruges city name comes from the old Norwegian "Bryggia" which means bridges, docks, piers, and because in this city there are many bridges why his name and not because they have lived there witches as many may think...




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