Veracruz: encounter with the traditions

Go to Veracruz is moving to Mexican roots, this city was the first founding of the Aztec country and retains the title of "four times heroic", supporting various attacks over the course of its history.

El Tajin, a pre-Columbian archeological site in southern Mexico

El Tajin, a pre-Columbian archeological site in southern Mexico

Arriving at this location the first thing that you must visit is the malecón, walk along this walk will allow you to admire large vessels, sculptures, and crafts typical of the area, and to finish the day you can dine in one of the many restaurants that are to its around.

The next day you have to stroll through the historical center, entering the Cathedral, its emblematic site, and incredible architecture, then walk across the Plaza de Armas, one of the largest in Mexico and which nights presents performances of dances traditional, full of color and joy, there you can encourage you to dance and mingle among the crowd of people visiting it every day.

 Plaza de Armas

A must-see is the castle of San Juan Ulúa, an imposing fortress that was the scene of several battles, and that takes it by the hand of a tour guide can learn about its history.

castle of San Juan Ulúa

After this ride can continue the evening in the Aquarium, which is located between the 8 most visited in the world and the largest in Latin America, in you'll see 3 thousand marine species and look at different types of sharks is one of the most impressive giant aquariums you've ever seen.

 Acuario, que se encuentra entre los 8 más visitados del mundo y el más grande de Latinoamérica

To close with a flourish this day, you better take a rich coffee in the Gran Cafe de la Parroquia, evidenced in every one of the flavors and smells of the 206 years of tradition that boasts, emphasizing its menu the cafe lechers.

Following in the city you have to enter the Naval Historical Museum, with 18 exhibition halls very well-created and entertaining. Then to follow with cultural tourism discover the Museum of the city, where you'll see reflected the passage of Spaniards wanting to conquer Veracruz and the way in which its inhabitants fought to maintain their customs.

Los voladores de papantla se lanzaron al vueloLos voladores de papantla se lanzaron al vuelo

On the outskirts of Central, Veracruz awaits a world of surprises and natural beauties, such as Mocambo Punta and Punta Antón Lizardo, the first is a little closer to the city and is one of the beaches most visited by tourists due to its calm and clear waters.

Punta Mocambo y Punta Antón Lizardo

There are dozens of hotels for all tastes in Mocambo and if you wish you can camp safely, there are activities for everyone and tour guides that can help you to perform water sports and know the corners of this beach.

For his part, Antón Lizardo offers you a large reef for diving or snorkeling in the hands of experts, as well as sport fishing and tours kayaking, tasting the best fish and seafood of the area in its restaurants.

Something else that traditions and beaches, you can also admire waterfalls hidden in Veracruz as Texolo, which will leave you enchanted, with only its impressive vegetation is the ideal place for those who love rappelling walls of more than 80 meters in height, has 3 viewpoints and is considered a perfect place to meditate.

Other waterfalls include the Naolinco, among the highest in the State with 80 meters, which can be seen from one of their viewpoints. The charm is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in its environment and in it, you can take a bath. Remember that all these waterfalls can go a tour guide's hand to enjoy them to the fullest.

To see a completely different landscape must travel for three hours to the Pico de Orizaba, the highest in the country at 5747 meters above sea level, what to do once you arrive looking for a guide begin the ascent, and if you are not a professional will take you first stations where you will see the vegetation, can enjoy camping and excursions. This volcano is covered on top of snow and has various creeks and attractive fauna.

Pico de Orizaba

A fun visit is the different rivers in Veracruz, such as the Filobobos, in which you can do rafting trips, enjoy a dip in the temazcal, horseback and spend the night in their pleasant huts or the hostel, as in Antigua and Actopan River.

To close our tour of Veracruz we know Tlacotalpan, a colorful heritage of mankind town, located an hour from the city, once in this magical place you can take a stroll along the River, walk through the plaza Zaragoza, the Temple of San Cristobal, the Virgin of the Candelaria and the Museo Salvador Ferrando, among others.



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