7 types of tourists: what tours can you offer to each of them?

A tour guide has to be a real psychologist to be popular with customers, as every tourist has some expectations from the trip and some information requirements. The tour visitors can be divided into seven types by their preferences.

Some are interested in the history of a building, others like the possibility to make unusual pictures

Some are interested in the history of a building, others like the possibility to make unusual pictures

1. Intellectuals

They like stories with plenty of details: when and who built this attraction, why is famous this place, which celebrities were born, married, died here. Is better if the tour guide generously drops names and dates as it will serve as a sign of his skills. The main thing is to prevent errors while telling facts, as such vacationers usually find relevant information in advance. So, all the inaccuracies will be noted.

The information you give can be checked on the internet directly during the tour. If they find a mistake in such a way, you should thank the attentive listener, and specify the source where he draws information. It is better if you remember, where is coming from the information you have. In this case it is possible to compare the reliability of sources.

Sometimes tourists start a discussion on the causes and consequences of some historical events, the role of one or another person, etc. Keep the conversation, but do not particularly insist on your opinion as your goal is to entertain clients, rather than to score a point against them...

2. Photographers

They cannot imagine how one can go on a tour without photographic equipment. Cause all beautiful views, fun everyday scenes and monuments must be captured! This kind of holidaymakers does not expect from a tour guide detailed explanations, but requires long stops for photo shoots.

Some are willing to look at the world only through the lens

Some are willing to look at the world only through the lens

3. Collectors

They want to visit as many places as possible. To visit in three days the whole Golden Ring of Russia, or to get around all the famous places of Barcelona in half a day? This proposal is for them. It's most likely that travelers won’t require deep descriptions of each point of the route. It’s enough for them to know the name of the place and some interesting facts about it.

4. Gourmets

Persons of this type search on sites like mostly for gastronomic tours. Their way to get acquainted with the region or country is through the culinary preferences of local residents and the differences in the way of eating. They are interested in information about the favorite dishes of historical personalities, unusual ways of cooking, table traditions. And if the tour guide shows a couple of original cafes/restaurants, he or she will win their hearts.

Making a strudel in Vienna is a fascinating show for tourists

Making a strudel in Vienna is a fascinating show for tourists

5. «Atmosphere lovers»

These people do not just want to visit the sights, but feel the spirit of the age, join its way of life, feel themselves as historical characters. In other words, they want to experience the atmosphere of another time, another country. These are connoisseurs of ruins, castles with ghosts, family seats of great personalities and picturesque places such as bazaars and shops of rare crafts.

Fans of the "atmosphere" adore legends, tragic stories, touching novels as they don’t need dry facts.

6. Extreme sports lovers

In a city this category is difficult to cope with. Fans of extreme sports do not just want to see the sights, but also to "touch" those. For example, climb the Eiffel Tower on its outer wall or climb the dome of St. Isaac's Cathedral. But such escapades trigger discussions with the police and fines. It is better to immediately direct the tourists energy "to a peaceful course", offer them a tour of roofs or vaults.

From the roof all is seen differently

From the roof all is seen differently

7. Entertainment lovers

They are not interested in serious facts of past eras and detailed characteristics of architectural styles. Such customers need historical anecdotes and amusing chronicles, so joke and tell them about funny incidents. On the map these travelers are mostly looking for entertainment facilities, so they will be very grateful to the tour guide for prompting.

Almost any route can become good-looking to people with different preferences. You need only to highlight the key points for each of these tourist types. So, on the way, you surely meet spectacular panoramas, public catering, entertainment centers, and buildings with a rich history. Please, draw the customer’s attention to those, in your story underline what interests him, so the tourist will be sure that you are the best tour guide!

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  • John Doe 16:58 10 MAR 2017

    Although in the “business” for decades, I enjoy this “back to the roots” didactic listing of guests’ categories and tastes.
    For a similar reason, I liked your article “4 steps to a new route”!
    "Servus" from Vienna

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