• Why do I need to specify detailed information about myself?

    A completely filled in profile is more efficient because:

    • The text is displayed not only in the service but also in the search engines. Unique descriptions are given high positions in the search results and are seen by a large number of people. It means that tourists are more likely to view your profile and to send you orders.
    • Your profile is a good self-presentation. The information about your education, interests and tours will attract the attention of customers.
    • Tourists want the communication with the guide to be informative and positive. A detailed description will help them get to know you better.
  • Which settings do I choose to make the application show guides closest to me?

    To find a guide in the same region, choose the menu "Search guides nearby" and turn on the location data service. The filter will select users.

  • Do you check guides that sign up to your Service?

    The Service features are aimed to provide to users with detailed information about the guide that they see fit to tell about themselves. The responsibility for its faithful representation rests with guides. Nevertheless, we are committed to develop the existing reviews section to help the tourists share their experiences.

  • Is the Service fee-based?

    The service is absolutely free of charge for tourists. Guides, starting from the second month of registration, will pay a nominal fee. 

  • How can I contact a guide?

    To start a dialogue, please sign up. It is enough information to specify your email address and password. The sign up is necessary to be able to share your impressions of communicating with the guide.

    Choose a guide you would like to start a dialogue with, go to his profile and choose "Message" from the menu. If you want to talk to multiple users, click on "Bulk message". Then you can start a dialogue with the users you have chosen.

  • Can I register my travel agency on this platform?

    Our platform is designed for **individual tour guides only**, not for companies, associations, or groups of tour guides. This is because our platform aims to offer tourists a personalized and authentic service, where they can choose a specific tour guide based on their profile, photo, and activity description. This creates a more direct and meaningful connection between the tour guide and the tourist and enhances overall satisfaction and trust.
    We understand that there are many tour guide companies, associations, and groups in the world, and we do not want to exclude them from our platform completely. Therefore, we have a special offer for you: you can register on our platform, but you have to present **only one member of your group** as the representative of your company. This member has to provide his/her actual first and last name, photo, and description of activities and indicate in the profile that he/she represents a group of tour guides. Upon a separate request from the tourist, he/she can introduce his/her colleagues and offer them an alternative option. This way, you can still showcase your company's services and expertise without violating the general concept of our platform.
    We hope that you understand our policy and accept our offer. This is a fair and reasonable compromise that benefits both parties. If you agree, please register on our platform with your representative's details. We will look over your profile and approve it if it meets our standards.

  • Will my correspondence be visible to other users?

    Your personal correspondence is only visible to you and the person who you are talking with. This information is not available to other users.

  • If I sign up to the site, who will have access to my personal data?

    The Company does not transmit personal data to third parties without the consent of the owner. The information is available only to the user and web site administration. Learn more about privacy policy in this section.

  • How do I use filters in the application? There are too many guides registered, it is difficult to see all the profiles.

    To limit the number of potential guides, open the filters tab (if you have already chosen a country or a city, it is displayed in the upper right corner of the screen), select the status of the users "Online only" and languages that should speak the guide.

  • Where do I download the app?

    The applications are available for downloading on Google Play and App Store. The links are given at the bottom of the page.

  • If I have a conflict with a guide, will the web site contribute to its solution?

    The web site is not involved in resolving disputes. Parties independently come to a compromise. For details, see "Terms of Use".

  • Does the web site have a paid online promotion? I do not get requests from tourists.

    We do not use the subjective ratings. To make your profile popular, we recommend filling it out with as much information as possible. The text is displayed in the search engines, and unique descriptions receive a higher position in the search results. This means that your profile will be noticed by even more tourists.

    Besides, your account is a good self-presentation. To create a successful profile, use our tips from the article, "Game of Guides: How to Create an Account, part 1" and "Game of Guides: How to Create an Account, part 2".

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